TECHNOLOGY for life?

This is the first post Pinoy Thinking about Technology and later on realize to post more on entertainment aside from technology press release.

We have come to realize how technology evolve since from the start of computer era to modernized super computer. Basically, technology is the application of science, for life's comfort and betterment. As a credit to our pioneered scientists and inventors(Charles Babbage - father of the computer)  who marked the beginning of computer period until succeeded by this time.

Why I'm having an affair to bring you this video, is about how technology evolved in this way, all technology is relevant form hardware to software  and vice versa. The moment it improve, the more it has to be improved, and I agree on that - example for cellular phones, from limited display of feature to numbered features which it seems to be amazed by the end user.

Some people comprehend technology is good for daily lives, even you wake up early in the morning - who made you wake up is your cellphone instead of standalone basic alarm clock. That's how technology is all about. And some other says technology makes us addicted and economically poor spending. I can imagine how it was, we have lot more money to spend just to buy whats latest phone released by the recognized company - we have pride on it that we are updated on gadgets. Not just that but on technology in general that impaired our wise spending habit.

It's not bad that buying those new high end techies only if we have extra money - coz we are pinoy. I also admit for this one, sticking to it, having those new stuff elevates personality, make more friends and praise by the our friends!..that we have that. Not surprisingly, what now?What I'm trying to emphasize, that we have to use technology wisely so that it will not degrade our wise spending habit and what matter most is that how technology we used and that it counts.

I hope you're watching the video even though not the topic itself....

- "pinoy-thinking"

Pinoy Thinking first post technology for life tech trends.

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