Anthony Taberna - Pinoy Best Newscaster

     Anthony Taberna is one of the pinoy newcaster propect and one of the real newscaster that anyone knows, He has no fear of having his news to be detailed in truth, I've heard and saw his news sounds good, his no fear to speak in our fellow Filipino pinoys, with his broadcast in studio 23 "IbaBalita Ngayon."

 "Anthony Taberna (born January 16, 1975) is a Filipino broadcast journalist and radio commentator.[1] At ABS-CBN, Taberna has hosted television and radio programs covering news and public affairs. He is currently hosting Umagang Kay Ganda (where he gained popularity in the segment "Punto por Punto") and XXX: Exklusibong, Explosibong, Exposé.[2] As a DZMM commentator, Taberna is one of the lead anchors for Dos Por Dos, a daily morning and late afternoon show, along with Gerry Baja. He is also the sole anchor of Iba-Balita in Studio 23." -source from wiki-

I like the way Anthony Taberna he speak, it empowers the listener, as he deliberate his news that brings to Filipino people a satisfaction and a clear insight in our mind upon what we want to listen. The way he speak to his audience, me as pinoy, give a salutation to this young and respectable reporter where the exact details where no less or extra amount of article he will gave but where specific and truth and truth is.

He's one of the Pinoy people that we should proud of, some of this pinoy reporters whom greatness were there - the likes of Noli "Kabayan" De Castro, Ted Failon, and among others, Can we give credit to them? They are the one we wait to watch on media hours of TV broadcasting latest news happenings in our country, they are the one who base the truth, they are the one why we know and realize the status of our country today - they are pinoy with greatness is there. They serve for us Filipino people - they're still fighting for the truth - go Pinoy newscasters!

Anthony Taberna news highlights punto por ponto:

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