Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao all greatest video higlights for Pinoy and Fans

I made the "Manny Pacquiao all video highlights" as one of the pinoy and pacquiao fan, this will serve as a collection of all video highlights of our greatest Filipino hero, boxer, pound for pound king, manny pacquiao - the destroyer and mexecutioner (spare me coz even pacquiao doesnt like to be called mexecutioner but only his fans gave that aka).

     This video will be updated from time to time, you can checkout more videos sooner or later, it's all about manny pacquiao's video for pinoy and to all boxing fans all over the world. This serves as a tribute to our greatest boxer of all time - Pacquiao on the move.

Manny Pacquiao fight highlights during old days to rising star:

Manny Pacquiao fight highlights during old days to rising star:

Manny Pacquiao VS Antonio Margarito highlights

"I don't think Mosley could have taken these punches.But Margarito was strong to have taken those punches without blacking out and even falling...shane fell from one short left hook.

Manny Pacquiao trainings and fight highlights

"what are you on about the fight that was a draw shudnt have been a judge counted his scorecard wrong which made it a draw. a judges incompetence cost pacman the fight. they were both close fights that could have gone either way but the fact is pac should have won both of those fights!"

Manny Pacquiao VS Ricky Hatton full fight video:

people keep saying that mayweather would dominate pacquiao lol! Once Pacquiao landed his power punch and opponen tasted it, it would change the whole gameplan believe me.. look at them.. Lol!!

 Manny Pacquiao lost to fellow pinoy Rustico Torrecampo :

I think this was an acceptable loss... I mean this was still a long time ago and Manny Pacquiao has improved very much since then... Manny has become famous and has many fans... I as a Filipino is one of those fans... :D

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