Manny Pacquiao is the best boxer and a humble congressman

     Manny Pacquiao has two level professions, first being a boxer, then being a politician - congressman. As a boxer, he really performs well to the highest level he attains, known in the world as best pound for pound boxer and the only boxer who has 8 belts in his waist from flyweight division to welterweight division. He was the only Filipino who had billboards outside Philippines. He became the best fighter and athlete of the year. What's left is he looking for? He has been famous not only in Philippines but throughout the world. He made his fans having superior satisfaction as he fights against the giant men. He really be a good son to his mother Dionesia  Pacquiao. Fame, Money, Family, People - He had them all.
     While in his political campaign, he excels most in any ways, other than veteran politicians, even he's new to his position he holding for as a Saranggani Congressman, He acts professionally according to the law. He's a friendly guy just as a normal guy - humility in him is there: a humble man with full respect, he doesn't change of being a Manny Pacquiao even before and the present Manny.

     I just remembered, how Manny failed in his first attempt for running as a congressman, he continued to fight not on protesting but on the ring proving he can win and he did it on the ring, and then he succeeded for the second time - now  a congressman of Saranggani. The media interviewed Manny about what law can he implement when he became a President, what he said was not just about political law, not just about law against a law, but his people's law - to help those in needs. He has many accomplishments in his congregational party. 

     Both in two - he do his part. And its astonishing part about who's Manny before, till now he really remembered where he was before and he did not forget about it. What he's going to impart is that - all things are possible if we have faith and persistent to do it, lastly, be a prayerful to God - that's his advice. Thank you Manny for being a fellow Filipino. You shared a lot of  heart, courage, and faith.

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