Pinoy Sports Domination 2012

     The Pinoy Sports Domination - Edging from the very tale of the pinoy sports, where some sports for pinoy were dominating it's passion as they excel on these rising sports not only in the Philippines but all over the world. I have come up to my mind on what will be the best to write as one of the writers here, and it seems that i got furnished on pinoy sports domination in other area of sports. This won't be the same nor  repeatable to write on.

     Would you believe that pinoy dominates some kinds of sports? Can you identify one of those sports? And what other sports that pinoy competes and stands as a strong contender?

     Pinoy dominates boxing - boxing sports patented as a Philippine's growing sports giving way to poor living but talented Filipino-Pinoy boxers. Fact that, pinoy goes for boxing career in order to uplift life and his family's living status, no other choice not to proceed education but to educate in boxing profession. Numerous of these young and veteran pinoy boxers have done through this. Mostly pinoy boxers gave up their proper education just for their proper boxing profession, to be professionally trained boxer, to be one of the pinoy great boxers, and to uplift their family living by accepting to fight to the other country for a win and assures big money for them and to their family in return. That's one they have a driving force to strive hard for boxing. Honestly, Philippines belongs to third world country, a country that needs for improvement, in government institution, in education, in pinoy technology, in politcs, in industrialization, in stock market, in economy, and in pinoy people in general - an undeniable fact.

     Pinoy boxing sports continue to grow here, we have  ALA boxing gym and promotions by Antonio Aldeguer, MP promotions, and pinoy boxing promotions that caters the foreign boxers to visit here for a fight - and that's business for pinoy boxing. There were great boxers in the past who started not on high living - where pinoy boxers longing for better life and their family living. These boxers alike of Pancho Villa, Gabriel Flash Elorde, Rolando Naverate, Lusito Espinosa, then down to Gerry Penalosa, Manny Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire, Rey Bautista, AJ Banal, Jason Pagara, and to the rising pinoy boxers unmentioned. 

     From Pancho Villa, who only stands 5 feet but nearly dominated his prime but only fell because of continuing to fight due to toothache infection. Gabriel Flash Elorde dominated the featherweight division and Rolando Navarete also dominated in his prime but suddenly fell because of unwised personal habit on which he spent his money as prodigal son he was through drugs, bars and girls, and until nothing left from him but to go back fishing as fisherman as he done it before he went on boxing. In boxing history, these were great pinoy boxers in their prime, they dominated pinoy sports boxing until now for our greatest pound for pound boxer and king 8th division champ Manny Pacquiao and to the other young and rising pinoy boxers. Sad to say, sorry to those legend boxers for not giving a credit and support from our Philippine country as they were fighting just for our country and for their own family, but now, we're thankful that the government gives full support to our boxer just like Manny Pacquiao as of now and in the future boxers - because they made our country proud as they dominate boxing.

     I'm thankful for these pinoy boxers where their greatness stands, courageous effort, their drive for boxing, and all their great moments of winning and proving that Filipinos can dominate boxing as Philippines country's most popular sports because of these great men in boxing. And not only on boxing we're dominating but also in some area of sports that fellow pinoy-Filipinos made us proud where they were competent with. These are AZKALS on football lead by this pinoy men - Alexander Borromeo, Christopher Camcam, and others. And also on chess competition, where the Filipino grandmasters are GM Wesley So, GM Eugene Torre, GM Antonio Rogelio, and other pinoy chessmasters. I'll write these one by one soon here in PINOY SPORTS DOMINATION. One again, Thank you to these great pinoys. Below where images of  these great pinoy boxers.

                                              And many great pinoy boxers to mention here and to the future Filipino boxers.

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