Rep. Manny Pacquiao vs Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago - Pinoy RH BILL

     Pinoy Representative Manny Pacquiao against Senate Miriam Defensor Santiago on RH ( Reproductive Health) Bill - has been heated up for fight on pro and contra RH BILL of the Philippines. Senate Miriam Santiago justified RH bill as to be implemented, but this needs to discuss in the grand debate on which Representative Manny Pacquiao just recently won in his boxing career against Shane Mosley via unanimous decision. And now, he has to face the brilliant senator Miriam Santiago as she is promoting RH bill and as a pro-RH bill frontliner.
     While for Manny, as an anti-RH bill campaigner, he talks to the church, communicates to them, and Manny just give all out support to the Church and to the anti - RH people. He do his part as a congressman and I think it's for the will and for the good for his beloved people as a true service to the Church, But that's how Senador Miriam Defensor Santiago got antagonism on Manny's side - they were opposite for their campaign. Sen Miriam said that He (referring to Manny) don't need to use his celebrity status inorder to convince people to support anti - RH Bill because even as he admits that His wife Jinky Pacquiao used pills before. She added that if he wants a fist fight for this campaign, Sen Miriam is all ready to accept the duel.

     But for Rep Manny Pacquiao, still nothing throws any words to Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago. We still have to wait his reaction, but i think Rep Manny respects Sen Miriam's side and that's how professional Rep Manny is - in boxing career, in politics, and even in personal life - the greatness and humility he had, never fades. Go Rep. Manny Pacquiao for the anti-RH BILL!..War Sen.Miriam Defensor Santiago for pro-RH BILL!


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