Actress Andi Eigenmann pregnant?

According to PEP, NO CONFIRMATION YET FROM ANDI'S CAMP. Umabot na sa networking sites ang haka-haka, pero at press time, wala pang anumang kumpirmasyon mula sa kampo ni Andi.

Sinubukan ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) na kunan ng pahayag ang mga namamahala sa career ni Andi—ang Star Magic ng ABS-CBN at Icons Celebrity Marketing—upang alamin kung totoo nga ang balita.

Andi's Profile Picture:

According to mukamo, Young actress Andi Eigenmann is rumored to be pregnant.

PEP reported that the rumor started as a blind item in a blog. We were able to track down the said blog and according to the blind item, their source accompanied his pregnant wife to the hospital for a check up. One of the nurses was talking to the receptionist and she blurted out the name of a young actress. The nurse added that the results confirmed that the young actress is pregnant. Apparently the young actress allegedly went there for a check up. The blind item was posted on the blog last June 23, and days later the name of Andi Eigenmann came up. Andi and her camp have yet to release a statement about the rumor.

Girl is the talk of the town, even tabloid and online blind items were feasting over her alleged developing baby bump.
Some even commented that they feel bad about the girl, given her budding career - she could have had a future in showbiz. (as if they're sure about it)

The rumor mill has speculated that the son of the former president is the alleged father of the alleged baby.
I can't help but ask, are these news real?
Personally, I don't believe rumors until the parties involved have personally confirmed it themselves. Quite unfair, right?

For now, stay put. Let's wait. I doubt if this rumor is true.

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