Manny Pacquiao HP commercial ads goes viral on youtube

Manny Pacquiao HP commercial ads  goes viral on youtube - Pound-for-pound boxing king Manny Pacquiao "The Congressman" revealed his first biggest brand endorsement video published in youtube has now reached over 212,910 views since June 5, 2011 which was uploaded by youtuber "bhopisback" on May 31.

How amazing it was, that our own superhero king of boxing Manny Pacquiao takes the first biggest commercial in his career. Congrats for your new commercial ad!

It is said to be the Smallest 4G smartphone in the US, Pacman talks about his workout routine and why he got himself a "small phone" in the thirty-seconder TV ad of HP Veer 4G.

Some of these Manny Pacquiao's lines on the new HP video screen:

"I run 10 miles every morning, do 2,000 sit-ups a day, eat 7,000 calories."
"So, why did I get a small phone?" the boxing icon asks.
The phone shows a montage of Pacquiao beating up much bigger opponents before the boxing champion answers: "Small guys can pack a punch."

ABS-CBN previously reported that Pacquiao’s deal with HP is worth $1-million a year.

Watch His Amazing Video Ads below:

HP Veer Commercial Featuring Manny Pacquiao posted by and top comments on youtube:

Dam... from a guy who is 5'6" 146 pounds... from a 3rd world country... who barely can speak good english... who fought his way out of poverty and into mainstream media with his own two fist.... and now making ten's of millions per fight... not bad.... not bad at all... much respect...

The comments here on this video is the reason why most of the world hates America. Bunch of condescending a holes who laugh at other people when they borrow money from the asians to fix their economy. Laughing at other people who can speak their language with an accent when they can only speak 1 language!!! heck I use the term "speak" loosely ever hear of slang people? no matter what you $%&heads say, i am proud to be filipino

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