Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal at 150 Birth Anniversary

Celebrating the 150th birth anniversary for our very own national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal this coming June 19, 2011 will commemorate the history of our Filipino people and our beloved Philippine National Heroes during Spanish era. This is the time that we will remember back on many years ago which marked the history of our country Philippines. Let us help spread this news to everyone as we remember the 150th birth anniversary of our National Hero DR. Jose P. Rizal and our heroes to mention.

"mga kababayan. Help me Spread what was ours before. Help me remind to all what filipinos are. ipaalala natin kung ano tayong mga pilipino. karamihan satin ay ligaw sa kagagawan ng PERA. ibalik natin ang makataong bayan. wag nating sayangin ang pag hihirap ng ating mga bayani, Jose rizal, Diego silang, Andres bonifacio, Apolinario mabini, Emilio jacinto etc." - GuiMacho Phba

Some videos as remembrance for our heros: 


RIZAL @150:

Jose Rizal 150 - Words of Wisdom:

Manila During Spanish Time! part 1:

Manila During Spanish Time! part 2:

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