Puppy Hanging "bagong ligo" ni Jerzon Senador

Puppy Hanging "bagong ligo" ni Jerzon Senador: The new break record news about the puppy of Jerzon Senador who mercilessly treated his cute puppy into somewhat torturous animosity way of caring his puppy. He is now famous now in the the world how naughty he is by hanging his puppy on the clothesline after bath where he took a picture on it and shared the photto his facebook account with the tag “Bagong Ligo si Puppy”. It seems that what happen to Joseph Carlo Candare doesn’t reach the place where Jerzon Senador lives. He even posted that he will not be in action to sent to jail because he is a “senador” - as his family name.

The clothesline is absolutely not for a dog but for clothes only.  This Filipino author from Calamba, Laguna (Philippines) named Jerzon Senador posted a photo of his puppy clipped and hanged just like a new washed clothes. As it posted Facebook believing it was cool. Entitled ‘Bagong Ligo si PUPPY’, as he expect this picture would go viral. But animal activists are now up in alarm about the picture posted and have set up Facebook group to resolve the act.

Facebook page ‘Report, Jerzon Senador the Animal Abuser’ was created “to give awareness on Animal Cruelty.” The group already has more than three thousand members and growing members are there to interact.

Partly, Jerzon has apologized by posting the following message on his Facebook page.
"Gusto ko humingi ng tawad sa nagawa kong kasalanan sa aking alagang aso. Sana mapatawad n’yo ako at pinapangako ko na hindi na mauulit." In another translation, I would like to ask for forgiveness for what I’ve done wrong against my dog. I hope you could forgive me and I promise it will never happen again.”

The Filipino Jerzon Senador who hanged Real Live PUPPY on Clothesline to Dry Says 'Sorry' - 06/14/11:

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