Sara Duterte punches the sheriff - Ang bagong pambansang kamao

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PHOTO OP. For over an hour, the front steps of City Hall was filled up with people wanting to have their pictures taken with Sara Duterte after she was sworn into office. Duterte is the youngest and the first woman mayor of Davao City. ( photo by Jose Hernani)

Mayor Sara Duterte has no mercy of continues punching the sheriff of the demolition team as she arrive very angry in statement. ABS-CBN News was there to cover and was able to capture the incident on cam. Duterte now has caught the attention worldwide that made her just like the new pabansang kamao and a world class fighter.

According to report in a TV Patrol report, Andres said he'll leave the decision to the national association of sheriffs and added that he had forgiven the mayor. Mayor Duterte, on the other hand, said bringing the sheriff to the hospital was enough for a sorry.

The two ("Mayor Duterte" and "Sheriff") are trending on Twitter. Here are what people are saying in the microblogging site:

"Just goes to show that people in Mindanao are good boxers. Pacquiao and Mayor Duterte LOL" -@bebejedko

"whatever mayor duterte's reasons are, still, she should have not done that. public servants must be a good example to their constituents." -@dqrivera

"Mayor Duterte's violence is shocking and unpardonable for a city executive. She does know how to put on a show!" -@blogie

"From what Mayor Duterte said, she wasn't against demolition. She requested the leeway so she could personally ensure it didn't turn violent." -@anjo_bagaoisan

"for those condemning Mayor Duterte's punching, better understand the whole situation first on why she punched that dumbass "sheriff" -@migswagger

As she arrived at the demolition site, villagers had already tried driving away the demolition team and the police escorts, throwing stones and sharp objects at tme. After learning that the situation had turned violent, Duterte-Carpio rushed to the site, summoned Andres — who was there to serve the court order — and punched him in the face and head as he was approaching.

Here's the video while he punched and punch the sheriff's face:

As we seen the video, Mayor Duterte asked the sheriff to come to her before she punched and punched him and want the sheriff be knock out just like boxing event. You can also hear on the video the cheers from the people while Mayor Duterte was punching.

Robredo said Duterte-Carpio could end up being either reprimanded or dismissed from public office due to her actions.

Andres suffered bruises on his face and head, and had to be brought to the hospital. After he was discharged from the hospital, the sheriff said he does not intend to file assault charges against Duterte-Carpio.

Just because of this punching incident, Mayor Duterte managed to trend worldwide on Twitter, peaking at #5, around 8PM tonight, July 1.

The incident also reached overseas, making headlines in various news websites around the world.

The online poll has just started to vote (text), as its just right for her to punch the sheriff? And the result: Agree: 64% and Disagree: 38%

Profile Images of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte:

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