Is Marquez cheating Pacquiao using the footstopper technique many times?

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What do you think of Pacquiao vs Marquez 3? Is it right for Marquez to stomp Pacquiao's feet a couple of times? As we all know "Cheater never wins, Winner never Cheats..."

See how Marquez overly extending intentionally his feet?

Obviously, it is intentional. How come it is one-sided if it's accidental and common to southpaw against an orthodox fighter? What I mean is only Marquez stomps on the foot of Manny while the latter did not.

Probably it is not intentional on the part of Marquez but to know it was repeated a number of times sounds like cheating or part of his strategy? Marquez really having enough plan and practice about foot-stopper technique. And He was very successful and I would like to congratulate him for that best technique he does.

These were the list of rounds where Marquez used his best technique for Pacquiao - The FOOT STOPPER Technique:

Foot Step Part 1 = 4th Round last 11 seconds
Foot Step Part 2 = 6th Round last 1:18 seconds
Foot Step Part 3 = 7th Round last 1:49 seconds
Foot Step Part 4 = 8th Round last 1:27 seconds
Foot Step Part 5 = 12th Round last 1:23 seconds
Foot Step Part 6 = 12th Round last 52 seconds

Watch the Video Slide on Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3: Foot Stopper Trick? by Juan Manuel Marquez:

And as you noticed Marquez trains very hard inorder to catch Pacquiao's foot so well and after that making his best counter punch.

What do you think about Pacquiao - Marquez Fight? Is it Marquez should won via Footstopper Technique?

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