Understanding the Growth and Development of Children for us as Filipino Parents

How's your child's development and growth? Is your child develop his/her potential according to his/her age? For us parents as Filipinos, these are the following advices and information for you to know the development of your child mentally, socially, and physically. Understanding child growth and development is a very important in raising or teaching children. no two children are exactly alike, even in twins. children differ in their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth patterns. |Because of these differences, they also differ in the way they respond to people's affection, play, and other factors in their environment.

This part will help you understand the characteristics of children at different ages. It will give you an overview of their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. this knowledge will help you learn how to adapt your teaching or care techniques to fit the fundamental needs of children at different ages.

The study of child development is divided into these ares: physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development. Physical development refers to the growth or bodily changes. Intellectual development refers to mental processes used to gain knowledge. The social-emotional development includes the tow areas that are group together because they are interrelated. Social development is learning how to relate to others, while emotional development refers to expressing and refining of feelings, trust, confidence, friendship, fear, and pride are all part of social-emotional development.

These will be a little help for us as a Filipino bringing our child to their way of thinking and we don't have to expect far more than because it takes time and effort to bring them to beyond their intellect. I hope your child be grow up according to the level of understanding and development he/she has. And for most, love your child and be patient to them in everything you have had. Till next intallment.

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