Have a Strong Will and Determination to Succeed as a Student

Here, I want you to read this interesting page about how your strong will and determination is required inorder to succeed. I don't own this encouraging words as I just read it on reading materials entitled "Getting Ahead In school" and want to share here especially for students and even in parents. You can read this below.

Strong will and determination is a must-have if you want to get ahead in school. You have to will it strongly if you really want to get a head in school. Remember that how you think will greatly influence your actions, consciously or unconsciously.

Jason was born a poor family. He is now in his fourth year in public high school. Jason is a scholar all throughout his high school life. He is very determined to keep up high grades to maintain his scholarship. He really wants to finish not just high school but college as well. He is determined to get a good job after graduation from college so he could help his family. He believes that as of now, he has his education as his only weapon. But he strongly believes in God and in himself. He continues to have passion in studying and in keeping up his grades. Some day, he knows that he will be able to provide well for his family.

Never lose hope. Never give up. As they say, "Try and try until you succeed." You are greater than your fears. You are greater than your worries. They are just figments of your mind to pull you down. If you have strong will and determination to succeed, you could overcome your weaknesses. You could overpower any problem that will come your way.

Believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ. Believe in the Divine Power. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

This very somewhat a powerful words for us - who keep struggling our life in the real world. I hope you readers out there learned through this. Thanks, and till next time.

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