Is Piolo Pascual a GAY?

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A lot of rumors and hearsay about Piolo Pascual after their heartfelt breakup with KC Concepcion. Many top comments circulating may in TV showbiz and even in the internet spreading like a wildfire prompting the search engine where Piolo Pascual is really a gay? Edited and unedited pictures depecting Piolo Pascual's Gay(bakla) gestures posted somewhere on the blogosphere. Top comments from the celebrity and internet users about Piolo Pascual's Gay development has been a talks, and also there's a video posted on youtube emphasizing how Piolo Pascual gay is. But the doubts will always and seems to be a doubt if and only if the beholder will claimed himself just like what Rustom Padilla now BB Gadanghari did during his Pinoy Big Brother stay. And maybe Kc Concepcion can justify the truth of Piolo Pascual's true personal because they're been for few years. Giving you some edited pictures and video of Piolo Pascual gay gesture and it's up to your judgement about Piolo Pascual's true personality. But I believed that Piolo Pascual is a true man in heart and soul even after his break up with KC Concepcion even if I'm not totally Piolo's fan.

Piolo Pascual's new controversial video as gay:

courtesy video from youtube

Edited Picture of Piolo Pascual's gay image:

See the difference?

Top 10 Celebrity Reactions from rightonthemark:

1. Sam Milby – Manay Lolit, don’t look at me!
2. Carmina Villaroel – KC, I know what you feel. Pero at least, hindi naman kayo kinasal – unlike us.
3. Danton Remoto – Piolo, kailangan ng Ang Ladlad ng star power para sa 2013 elections. Sign up now!
4. Rustom Padilla – Kafatid! Gotta make your confession soon!
5. Sharon Cuneta – Bakit ganoon? Pagdating sa pag-ibig, si KC “The Biggest Loser”!
6. Gabby Concepcion – Piolo, tapatin mo ako. Ginamit mo lang ba si KC para mapalapit … sa akin?!
7. Yul Servo – Bro, alam kong depressed ka. Mahaba na rin ang pinagsamahan natin. Free tonight?
8. Judy Ann Santos – Piolo, I suggest you listen to “Don’t Give Up On Us.” Bagay sa inyo ni KC!
9. Rica Peralejo – Yes, mga kaibigan. My supposed relationship with Piolo a few years back was just a promotional scheme for “Sa Piling Mo.”
10. Lino Cayetano and Rico Blanco – Sorry, KC. We’re already taken.

New Song for KC:
Words & music by Carlo G. Soldevilla

I. Tears, welling in your eyes
Falling down like rain
Hoping that the sun would shine again

II. Your world is turning upside down
You’ve been the ‘talk of the town’
And your heart is carrying a heavy load.


It’s time to look up to G-d
And know that He cares
More than anyone could care
It’s time to reach out to heaven
To call on His name
He will hear your every prayer.

When all is gone
There’s no need to frown
When G-d is on your side.

Strong Comments from not_a_fan:

Although a lot of hearsay mentioning Piolo is gay, I personally believe he is not. For someone like KC, a daughter of a super influential showbiz personality to get into a relationship of a supposed to be gay is really disturbing. If Piolo is indeed gay, don't you think that Sharon Cuneta will not be able to find out? For someone like her, she sure knows what's gossip from reality in showbizness. She must have gotten a very reliable contact to tell her if Piolo is gay so as not allow her daughter to get involve with him. KC's situation cannot be compared to Carmina. I think Kc should have been more aware given the unending buzz in showbiz that Piolo is gay, whereas in Carmina's case - there is not so much news about rustom being gay. This is purely my opinion, but I think Piolo although he loves kc, could not give her much priority over his son or career or other personal aspect of his life.

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