Pauleen Luna rumored PREGNANT after collapsed!

Is the rumored pregnancy of Pauleen Luna is true?

After Pauleen collapsed and lost consciousness on Monday, February 13, 2012 during their Eat Bulaga show at San Juan, Davao City. Pauleen Luna, hosting their "Juan for All, All for Juan" just lost consciousness and accidentally collapsed due to lack of sleep, stress caused by too much work and a strong heat in San Juan, Davao City as it was seen on the National TV.

Pauleen and Allan while interviewing the contestant while talking to Vic Sotto, then the collapsed incident has just happened resulting to Bossing Vic Sotto has just temporarily halted the Eat Bulaga live broadcast on the National TV.

After the incident, then Eat Bulaga continued the live broadcast on the Natinal TV. Vic Sotto explained what exactly happened to his girlfriend Pauleen Luna on the said lost of consciousness and collapse. They pointed out that Pauleen was at his house since 2 AM before they're going to Davao City on due lack of sleep maybe the reason for the collapse.

The highlight is that, Bossing Vic Sotto himself could have ignited the pregnancy rumor on his girlfriend Pauleen because he asked on Allan K if Pauleen was actually asking for something sour, on which a usual question being asked to suspected pregnant women as everybody heard for it.

A report on Vic’s ex-girlfriend Pia Guanio of 24 Oras, Pauleen was has been rushed to the nearest hospital after she collapsed as a report - lack of sleep, overfatigue and very hot atmosphere in San Juan, Davao City during their Eat Bulaga show were the reasons why Luna lost consciousness.

In this said rumored pregnancy for Pauleen Luna, maybe we can't and nobody can't justify if Pauleen is really pregnant because as the report says due to overfatigue, lack of sleep, and etc why Pauleen collapsed but not she is pregnant because only Pauleen Luna knows the truth in all these attacks pregnancy rumors.

Watch the video below on Pauleen Luna collapsed during Eat Bulaga Show (youtube video courtesy):

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