Charice Pempengco new hairstyle, haircut look & tattoo-2012!

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The new hairstyle, haircut, and a new look for Charice Pempengco now revealed! Joining as a fan, commentator, avid follower, and sympathizer for our fellow Filipino and International Star Miss Charice Pempengco, she ultimately shocks the people in Philippines and not only here but to all over the world who knew about Charice Pempengco, and not only for her haircut, she finally revealed her new tattoo on left arm as what you will see in her picture above. As I believe, a lot of people were surprise about her new look, not in physical but in her life, its just like total changing of phase shift for herself.

According to the report interview of Charice Pempengco as she got her tattoo in Singapore just recently,
"I think everybody‘s shocked. This is such a big step for me and I love it. This is me. This is who I am. I just don‘t want to stay a person that I don‘t like...I‘ve been thinking about it for years and years. This is a dream come true for me."

She added, "I know some people think that this is very rebellious but it‘s not. It‘s just me evolving. It‘s me transforming into another person that is totally me."

About her tattoo, she explained, "It‘s not just a tattoo. It has a meaning for me. This is for my love for the people, love for my dad, love for my family." "

The international singer is looking forward to be more like Avril Lavigne and Rihanna although in the image above she looks like Yeng Constantino but not Aiza Seguerra.

But I think,it doesn't matter what Charice Pempengco looks like as long as she is with herself as a true person within her soul. And as long as for the well of herself, most importantly, improving more on her career and constantly in her great and brilliant talent - the singing! No other than that.

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