Mick Pennisi Late Reaction Video (FLOP)

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Mick Pennisi late reaction picture on fake flop.

Watch the video replay fake flop and late reaction of Mick Pennisi on slow motion ( youtube video courtesy):

Even how serious is when it comes to basketball here in Philippines which organized by the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) as one big dominion organizer, there isn't one hundred percent seriousness at all. There were some basketball star guys inevitably commit some really funny and laughably mistakes in their professional career as a professional basketball player.

In front of a hundreds and even thousand of crowds in the gymnasium, there might be a huge funnier moves that these players show without any hesitation and regrets as they were just performing their job as a professional basketball player not a professional boxer, instead.

One of these funny basketball star of the Philippines who made a bit funny was no other than Mick Pennisi. You can watch the whole slow motion video above posted on these page and decide for yourself if you can get rid of yourself other than laughing at the video or having self consciousness after watching the video especially if you are a professional basketball player (beware of it!).

Mick Pennisi, the Barako Bull player, had made a comedy act that leads to even more funny where he admitted he made the fake act. Really, "It's more fun in the Philippines" here as these anthem wagons as advertisement for the Philippines Travel, Tour, and Tourism started just for the past months.

Mick Pennisi Video fake slop time happens when Will McDonald tried to take the falling ball from the ring where it happens after a few seconds, Mick Penissi really did the acting as an actor or a WWE superstar fake wrestling act.

And to make the long story even more funnier, Mick Pennisi said to the interview,

"I think I’m going into acting after my PBA career is over." - Pennisi said after the game.

What a nice phrase for this guy. He will surely has a slot for the TV local network like GMA Y kapuso and ABS CBN kapamilya for drama rama series that might be with Coco Martin, Piolo Pascual, Jerico Rosales, and others if he will. What do you think?

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