Pinoy Pride 12: Bautista VS Garcia(Fight Results,Video Replay,Live Streaming)

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LATEST UPDATES: Congratulations to Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista for winning via second round TKO(1:24 mark) over the proxy Genaro ‘El Panteriya’ Garcia! Congrats once again to the Boholano native despite the wrong Genaro Garcia opponent!

Here's the full fight results of Pinoy Pride 12 / XII: Bautista vs Garcia fight winners below. Video Replay will be made available here soon. Check back later for the video replay.

  • Bautista defeated Garcia via second round KO
  • Servania defeated Otieno via unanimous decision
  • PAGARA won over YARANGGA via 2nd round TKO
  • Domingo KO'ed Tampus only in the opeing round
  • Mark Acub knocked out Freddie Martinez in 6th round
  • Juren Labordo won over Hector Rojoca via close unanimous decision
  • Jimmy Paypa KO'ed Royroy Sumugat at 2:31 of 5th round.
  • Rey Morales won over Jordan Catubay via majority decision
  • Pedro Balaba TKO'ed Jerome Casas in the fourth and final round

That's all. If you find some clerical, typographical, technical errors made in this post, just feel free to comment your post in the comment facebook form and immediately we will listen your comments as promised by our team, thanks. The Video Replay for Pinoy Pride XII: Bautista vs Garcia will be later to be covered here, just stay tune for more updates. Congratulations to the winners of the Pinoy Pride 12: Bautista vs Garcia Fight. And for ALA Promotions, we are hoping that they learned a lesson from these unscrupulous Mexican negotiators.

WATCH THE PINOY PRIDE 12: BAUTISTA VS GARCIA FIGHT VIDEO REPLAY BELOW (Note: The video replays content were not originally uploaded in this site, it were played via DailyMotion - a video sharing website, originally uploaded by

Watch Domingo VS Tampus Video Replay:

Watch Pagara VS Yarangga Video Replay:

Servania VS Otieno Video Replay:




ABS-CBN Sports decided not to air the replay of the match between the scandal match of Bautista VS "fake" Garcia(if you are curios why, you can see the screen slide from

SHOCKINGUPDATE: The fighter who will fight to Rey "boom-boom" Bautista is Genaro ‘El Panteriya’ Garcia, a lightweight with a 10W-11L record who was the boxer they allowed to travel and fight here in the Philippines and not the Genaro ‘Poblanito’ Garcia with 38-8, 22 knockout record that ALA Promotions wanted and negotiated to fight Bautista. Bautista now is fighting a lightweight fighter with an inferior record not the competitive featherweight fighter on his weight class who is Genaro ‘Poblanito’ Garcia with 38-8 record. For the first time that the highly successful Pinoy Pride series will ALA Promotions has decided to make it a FREE TO THE PUBLIC event because of wrong negotiations made. As the promotion has said WE DON'T WANT TO DECEIVE ANYONE that's why it's free for a fight that led to a mismatch and non-entertaining fight for boom-boom. The agent in Mexico was identified as Victor Hugo Correa who is alleged to have done this switching of fighters in the past. It might be a major financial loss to ALA promotions since they will refund the tickets bought by the boxing fans and made it free to the public.

Pinoy Pride XII: Bautista VS Garcia - A very interesting fight to be watched on for the countrymen of Bautista for Philippines and Garcia for Mexico.


The Pinoy Pride XII Latest Updates  
Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista is fighting against the Mexican soon to living legend named Genaro Garcia in the home-court advantage and crowd favorite for Bautista which will be one hundred percent and perfectly schedule this Saturday night, March 3, 2012 at Tagabilaran City, Bohol and in honor of Genaro Garcia's surname exactly the fight location is at Carlos P. Garcia Gym. I was given the opportunity here as one of aspiring writer of PinoyThinking site since joining here knowing how excited I am covering the Pinoy Boxers fight not for the first time but many times. Thanks to the team for giving me again the opportunity to let me cover the Pinoy Pride 12 or XII: Bautista VS Garcia fight update and its my pleasure to grab the perfect opportunity of being rooted as one of the Boholano blood, to support my fellow and boxing hero - Rey "boom-boom" Bautista fighting against Genaro Garcia. Fight Bautista, Fight! Go and live with your dreams to become the world champion as a Filipino! Let your passion and heart be, to win your every battle and once again climb you to a ladder of a world title fight since you are succumb to Ponce De Leon. Don't miss every opportunity, to do more and more hard work and training as you have said in this incoming fight upon my research "Pasalig nako sa akong mga paisano nga malingaw gyud sila aning akong away” said Bautista. “Tuloytuloy ra gyud ang akong training. Wala ko’y dayoff-dayoff. Gusto gyud nakong matuman ang akong damgo nga mahimong world champion.

Bautista VS Garcia fight is not yet over as it is going to start on March 3, 2012 at Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines. And surely many of his fellow crowd of Bohol fans are so much excited to see him once again for the second time since his last fight was year back 2005. Bautista with a record of 32-2, 24KO’s, if you want to stalk more about Rey Boom Boom Bautista and who is he, you can view about Bautista at wiki and one thing, he is a great boxer not a wrestler. Garcia with a record of 37-8, 21KO’s, i don't know more about Genaro Garcia but He fought and knockout some world champion like Rafael Marquez on year back 2000. For more info about boxing record, see at boxrecord of Garcia. This is gonna be one of the most exciting and entertaining fight of Pinoy Pride XIIth installment here in the Philippine boxing history!

The stuffs that our team will do our best to cover are:

Pinoy Pride 12: Bautista vs Garcia Live(status: still in progress)

Bautista vs Garcia FightResults(status: waiting for the results)
Bautista vs Garcia Video Replay(status: we'll get the source)

We will try our best of our best to update here on this page, just check back always or often in this PinoyThinking Site. Just like what we did in our previous cover of Pinoy Pride Series Installment. If you want to be updated and recieve the first and foremost unlike others, you can subscribe here, just put your emal address located on the right of this page and click the subscribe button, joining our team.

Watch Pinoy Pride 12 Live Streaming

For you to watch Pinoy Pride 11: Bautista VS Garcia, the fight will be watched here on Philippines local time only on ABS CBN Kapamilya this Sunday, March 4, 2012 starts at 10:00 am in the morning and it will be aired on the Sunday, March 4 afternoon only at Studio 23 network. We do our best for possible real time live streaming of Pinoy Pride 12 Bautista Vs Garcia Fight if there's available.

If you want to see Pinoy Pride 12: Bautista Vs Garcia on live streaming or internet streaming via Philippine local TV, you can watch it also right here or on the other live TV streaming. For the Philippine TV broadcast, ABS-CBN will show the fights at 10 AM and Studio 23 at 12 noon Sunday.

The fight results of Bautista VS Garcia and other undercard fights will be posted right here after the fight. Stay tuned. Or visit often. More updates.

Pinoy Pride 12: Bautista VS Garcia Video Replay

Our team will cover the Pinoy Pride 12: Bautista Vs Garcia full fight video replay. You can also watch here but the video replay of Pinoy Pride 12 will be delayed for hours or days depending to the availability but we will try our best to deliver the full fight reply. More updates.

Stay tuned for more fight updates, fight results, and others of Pinoy Pride 12 Bautista VS Garcia fight which will be posted right through here.

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