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Orlando Salido defeated Juan Manuel Lopez by TKO at 0:32 of Round 10. Salido does it again in Salido vs Lopez 2. Congratulations to Salido for retaining his belt and tell the world that it was not an upset during their first encounter.

Mikey Garcia defeated Bernabe Concepcion by TKO at 2:33 of Round 7. As it was expected.


Here's the complete fight results of the rematch Salido VS Lopez 2 in San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 10, 2012:

  • Orlando Salido defeated Juan Manuel Lopez by TKO 10
  • Miguel Angel Garcia defeated Bernabe Concepcion by TKO 7
  • McWilliams Arroyo defeated Luis Maldonado by UD 10
  • Jose A Gonzalez defeated Hevinson Herrera by TKO 8
  • Gamalier Rodriguez defeated Allan Tanada by UD 8
  • McJoe Arroyo defeated Shawn Nichol by UD 6
  • Camilo Perez defeated Charlie Serrano by UD 6

Orlando Salido vs. Juan Manuel Lopez II - Rematch!

Orlando Salido and Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez 2, the most anticipated rematch for the two boxers. Salido from Mexico and Lopez from Puerto Rico will meet for the second time around this coming schedule on March 10, 2012 at San Juan, Puerto Rico. This rematch fight will be a tough fight for both boxers. Who will gonna be the winner of the upcoming WBO World Featherweight title. Since it is the rematch of the fight where Salido will be defending the title he won during the first Lopez vs Salido bout, the first ever upset and loss for the former champion Lopez. This fight will be televised on SHOWTIME Championship Boxing. For Salido, he will be facing the tough Lopez than before that the Mexican warrior will be defending the championship title and must prove that their fight where he TKO'ed Lopez was not an accident and so for this second and rematch fight. And for Lopez, he will going to porve his hometown and fans, that he will come back strong than ever in the past, to make a sure win not only to the hands of the judges but to his own hands via knockout. He will going to prove and to renew his reputation of being the undisputed champion and how great he is, if he'll win this fight rematch.
During their first encounter, Lopez (31-1, 28 KOs) was a heavy favorite he met Salido as underdog on Showtime. It was dubbed as one of boxing’s rising star, that Lopez was moving up the pound-for-pound list from batamweight to featherweight and was going for a showdown with Yuriorkis Gamboa that's why he faced the rugged Salido for the first time with so much confident but then a shocking upset for his career after he lost for the first time only in his hometown.

The rematch has been on the line immediately after the first fight. Then, Lopez needed time starting his feet back to collect himself after that lost to Salido.
In the interview, "I expect a very different fight. I know he will be better then last time," Salido said. "I want to show that my first win was not a fluke. I came back to fight in Puerto Rico because he gave me the opportunity to fight for a world championship here and I have never had any problem winning on an opponent’s home base."

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Miguel Angel Garcia vs. Bernabe Concepcion

The undefeated number one featherweight contender "Miguel Angel" Mikey Garcia (27-0, 23 KOs) will be battling against our own Filipino favorite no other than Bernabe Concepcion(29-5-1, 15 KO’s) of Philippines.

If you want to know more about Miguel Angel Garcia and his previous fights and opponents, just click his name and be back, never mind if you dont want to know more about him. If you want to know more about Bernabe Concepcion and his previous fights and opponents, just click his name and be back, never mind if you dont want to know more about him.

The undercard fight on the Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Saldio fight card between unbeaten featherweight contender Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia and former featherweight contender Bernabe Concepcion at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente in San Juan, Puerto Rico will be a huge mismatch as most of the boxing analysts said, but for me as a fan not a boxing analyst, it is a tune up fight for Garcia to aim for a title fight he win the fight in a convincing way like knockout in 1 round, and so on, and so forth. But he must respect the power of Concepcion where the latter gave Lopez a knockdown shot. And for Concepcion, it's time for him to get back on track and show his fans and the world what he got in his boxing career. Many Filipino supporters believe he can do it, hardwork, patience, and perseverance, are the ingredient(s) to be a successful boxer like our own Manny Pacquiao (the best boxers of all time for me) on where he is now. Concepcion must win this fight no matter what happens in order for him to have more fights abroad and to achieve his goal to be one of the Filipino boxing Champs.

Here are the full and complete list of boxers and their match ups whom we'll going to watch their full boxing potentials on March 10 2012, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Orlando Salido vs. Juan Manuel Lopez (rematch)
  • Miguel Angel Garcia vs. Bernabe Concepcion
  • McWilliams Arroyo vs. Luis Maldonado
  • Jose A Gonzalez vs. Daniel Attah
  • Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Erickson Martell
  • Allan Tanada vs. Gamalier Rodriguez
  • McJoe Arroyo vs. Alejandro Solorio
  • Camilo Perez vs. Charlie Serrano
  • Kenneth Diaz vs. Joananthony Vazquez
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The Salido vs Lopez 2 - REMATCH, that our team will do our best to cover are:

Salido vs Lopez 2 - REMATCH Live streaming(status: still in progress)

Salido vs Lopez II FightResults(status: waiting for the results)
Salido vs Lopez 2 Video Replay(status: we'll get the source)

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Salido vs Lopez 2-II: REMATCH Live streaming
Our team are still doing this; searching, gathering, and aiming our best to deliver on real time for this incoming Salido vs Lopez 2 rematch fight. Just be back soon for the update.

We are not sure if the fight of Salido vs Lopez 2 and Garcia vs Concepsion will be aired in Philippines but we can just give you the details if confirmed. For you to watch Salido vs Lopez 2 rematch if the final decision of the TV network which the fight can be watched here on Philippines local time on ABS CBN Kapamilya this Sunday, March 11, 2012 starts at 10:00 am in the morning and it will be aired on the Sunday, March 11 afternoon only at Studio 23 network since there's Filipino there, Bernabe Concepcion. We do our best for possible real time live streaming of Salido vs Lopez 2 rematch, if there's already available.

The optional schedule of the fight that can be aired here in the Philippines; Salido vs Lopez 2 on live streaming or internet streaming via Philippine local TV, you can watch it also right here or on the other live TV streaming. Note that this is not yet final schedule and subject to having no fight aired at all here in Philippines.

For the Philippine TV broadcast,  GMA 7 Kapuso Network will show the fight at 10 AM on March 11, 2012 Sunday, Philippine local time. You can watch that on live through internet free streaming on the said date and time (Philippine local time and date) copy or click @ .Or For the Philippine TV broadcast, ABS-CBN will show the fights at 10 AM and Studio 23 at 12 noon March 11, 2012 Sunday. You can watch that on live through internet free streaming on the said date and time (Philippine local time and date) copy or click @ for ABS-CBN and for Studio 23, link @ .

Salido vs Lopez 2 Rematch Fight Result
The rematch fight results of Salido vs Lopez 2, Garcia vs Concepcion, and other undercard fights will be posted right here after the fight. Stay tuned for more updates. In progress.

Salido vs Lopez 2 Rematch Video Replay
The rematch of Salido vs Lopez 2 full fight video replay will also cover here. You can also watch the said fight only here but the video replay of Salido vs Lopez II will be delayed for hours or days that depends to the availability the full video replay but we will try our best to deliver the full fight reply here. More updates.

Stay tuned for more fight updates, fight results, and others of Salido vs Lopez 2 rematch fight which will be posted right through here.

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Watch video replay of Salido vs Lopez 2 - Rematch

Part 1

Part 2


Watch video replay of Garcia vs Concepcion

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