Rios vs Abril (Fight Results, Video Replay)

Watch Rios vs Abril live streaming fight results and video replay April 14, 2012.


CONGRATULATIONS TO BRANDON RIOS FOR WINNING AGAINST RICHARD ABRIL VIA SPLIT DECISION! Judges scored the bout of 117-111 for Abril, and 116-112 and 115-113 for Rios. firmly believed that Abril would win the match but was screwed, robbed, and jobbed by two of the three Nevada judges according to them. But congrats anyway to Brandon Rios and his unbeaten record!

The latest boxing updates of Cuban Richard Abril versus Brandon Rioz of Mexico On Rios-Abril fight. Free to watch Rios vs Abril live streaming pay per view and Rios vs Abril fight results. The Fight will be available soon the Rios vs Abril VIDEO REPLAY, n0 free download torrent full video replay of rios-abril this time. Live boxing April 14, 2012 championship streaming for free. Rios versus Abril latest updates and news, WHO WON THE Rios-Abril fight? And the fight undercards of BRANDON and RICHARD and rios vs abril fight will be as follows.


Brandon Rios and Richard Abril
live streaming of rios vs abril fight

Watch this coming April 14, 2012 Saturday between the showdown of Brandon Rios of Mexico and Richard Abril fighting for Cuba. It seems that Rios was not making lightweight limit of 135 pounds in an attempt he used to have to gain back his WBA in his waist while weighing 137 pounds over 2 pounds of limit.

Brandon Rios, known as "Bam Bam", a Mexican and American in his nationality, the undefeated boxer with a record of 29 wins, 0 loss, and 1 draw in his overall 30 professional fights. He will be showing his talent in another time around in this match against Cuban Richard Abril and prove that he is the unbeaten boxer that no one can beat him.

In this final press conference highlights, Rios said,

"To all my fans out there, love you guys, you know me. I always bring on an exciting show, exciting press conference and anything. But today, I'm gonna keep it a little civil. I don't wanna get too crazy. ... I'm back. See? You can see my face, I'm happy again, smiling, I got color. I'm not white, I'm not dead, I'm not a zombie. I'm Brandon Rios again."
Meanwhile, for Richard Abril, one of the figting pride of Cuba, who has the record of 17 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw in a total of 20 overall professional fights. He will fighting with the pride in his heart against the unbeaten Brandon Rios eventhough he looks underdog in this fight while Rios is the heavy favorite. In the final press conference highlights, Abril mentioned

"He talks a lot of shit because he's only 50% Mexican. He's not 100% Mexican.". 

He also said but not in the conference when Rios failed to make weight of 135 pounds and is 137 pounds over 2 pounds limit, that

"You know why Rios is called 'Bam Bam?' Because he has pebbles for brains. He has to pay a guy to teach him to eat right? I learned how to do that when I was three years old. He’s an idiot. I’m going to break his mouth, break his heart and break his piggy bank."

According to the fight news, the pre-bonus are $450,000 that's for Rios and $100,000 for Abril as purses for the fight. We'll have more on the full Vegas card purses after the event and has an extra $50,000 fight bonus to winner of Rios-Abril fight.

Lets see who will stand and raise his own hands after the fight. Is it for Rios? or for Abril?

Highlights of the Ríos-Abril Final Presser in Vegas(youtube video courtesy):

The Rios versus Abril match that will cover are as follows:
  • Rios versus Abril live streaming (in progress)
  • Rios vs. Abril Fight Results (waiting for the result)
  • Rios vs Abril Video Replay (after the fight result)

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