Slater Young and Tin Patrimonio love team for 'Hearts Romances' trending on twitter

Tin Patrimonio and Slater Young for Hearts Romance Updates:  Is Slater Young and Tin Patrimonio go for love team and precious hearts romance? What do you think after their stay on (PBB) Pinoy Big Brother's house? Is there any more for Slater and Tin? Of course, there is, as they were now trending on twitter about how they match as "Slatin's Precious Heart's Romance".

tina patrimonio and slater young scandal issue picture and video
Tina Patrimonio and Slater Young PBB
Tin Patrimonio and Slater Young, they were the x-housemates of Pinoy Big Brother just recently ended the season. They are the two star that their fans must see in a love team for the "Precious Heart Romances Presents" (PHR), ABS CBN's show that dubbed to be as best-selling pocketbooks by Precious Heart Romances series and book episodes.

"PHR" known as Precious Heart Romance is being the local top trending topics on Twitter Philippines just starting this month of April 2012 and as what the number of twitter fans shouting via twitter for their best match up.

These are some tweets made on twitter trending,
"Love ko ang SLATIN ang reason kung bakit mahigpit ang kapit ko sa roller coaster ride na to! SLATINPBB4 for PHR"
On their past stay of PBB's house, not surprisingly, Tin has got a crush on Slater as she admitted but that was not given the highest impact during their stayed while Pinoy Big Brother still in the episode.

But I think the fans want that they are good to be match up in terms of love team because they are new and fresh for their showbiz career and who knows? They will be the one they dream of.

I'm begging to be much exciting on how they act and feel each other. Let's go Tin Patrimonio and Slater Young fanatics! To all the fans of Slater and Tin out there, would you be excited to watch their "Precious Heart's Romance" episode given the chance for both of them?What do you think?

You can post your comment below. Thanks. Lets go Slatin! Slater and Tin = Slatin! Go team Slatin. More updates for Slater Young and Tin Patrimonio.

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