Chief Justice Renato Corona is GUILTY! Video Replay and Latest Updates!

As what you saw from the live coverage of Chief Justice Renato Corona where the impeachment trial is now over for about 44 days including this date May 29, 2012, the question in which Chief Justice Renato Corona is proven guilty or not guilty by the masses finally had the answer after the voting of from the Senate.

Renato Corona (former/ex-Chief Justice of the Republic of The Philippines) was convicted by the Senate Impeachment Court as the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines by a 20-3 vote under Article 2 of the Articles of Impeachment regarding the non-disclosure in the Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN). In accordance with the Constitution, Corona was removed from office. [via]

Here's the video replay of final day 44 of Chief Justice Renato Corona final day (via youtube video courtesy):

Those Senator-Judges who found the Chief Justice Renato Corona guilty were:

1) Edgardo Angara
2) Alan Peter Cayetano
3) Pia Cayetano
4) Franklin Drilon
5) Francis Escudero
6) Jinggoy Estrada
7) Teofisto Guingona III
8) Gregorio Honasan
9) Panfilo Lacson
10) Lito Lapid
11) Loren Legarda
12) Sergio Osmeña III
13) Francis Pangilinan
14) Aquilino 'Koko' Pimentel III
15) Ralph Recto
16) Ramon Revilla Jr.
17) Vicente Sotto III
18) Antonio Trillanes IV
19) Manuel Villar
20) Juan Ponce Enrile Jr.

And Only 3 Senator-Judges found Chief Justice Renato Corona innocent and not proven guilty:

1) Joker Arroyo
2) Miriam Defensor-Santiago
3) Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

From the results, only three voted to acquit Corona and they were Senators Joker Arroyo, Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Ferdinand "Bong-Bong" Marcos Jr.

My heart for Chief Justice Renato Corona, you have fought with brave heart and an honest fight. I and some of the people believe that you are not a criminal. You have your conscience pure enough in every step of the way. Nothing to lose instead but stand by the institution where these were just shortcomings to you. You stood up, face of those, and never backed down. That's one the most important thing you are having right now, your clear conscience, let them be, because who have done the best part of so far!

To all the negative comments from Chief Justice Renato Corona. That comment above is one of the comment I have read and posted it here to know the masses that there's still one, or many, who give CJ Corona in appreciation to him for taking the impeachment in an honest and equal way.

Below is a list of all senator-judges, their verdict and a few explanations behind their judgment:

Senator Edgardo Angara – Willful and deliberate omission of his assets amounts to culpable violation of the constitution.

Senator Joker Arroyo – I cannot imagine removing a chief justice on account of SALN.

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano – It is his moral, human, constitutional duty to choose the constitution and not himself.

Senator Pia Cayetano – The failure to declare $2.4M and some P80M in bank accounts are not minor offenses.We who hold public trust must hold public interest over private interest.Pagnawala na ang tiwala ng bayan, dapat bumaba na sa pwesto. Dapat pangalagaan ang pwesto na iyon.

Senator Miriam Defensor- Santiago – Does this omission (in the SALN) amount to an impeachable offense? No! SALN carries light penalty and even allows correction under the law.Corona used his own name in all his transactions. He could have done otherwise if the purpose was invisibility. Why would a suspected criminal leave his calling card in the scene of the crime?

Senator Franklin Drilion – Chief Justice must be held to higher standard than dismissed official for not declaring marketing stall.

Senator Francis Escudero – Kung ayaw nyo ideklara (SALN) e di huwag kayo tumakbo o tumaggap ng pwesto sa gobyerno.

Senate Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada – Bilang punong mahistrado, siya dapat ang may pag-unawa sa batas. Framers didn’t intend officials to conceal assets.

Senatore Teofisto Guingona III – How can one man use the very same constitution, which mandates full disclosure to justify concealment of millions of dollars in his personal bank account? This is constitutional perversion at its finest.

Senator Gringo Honasan – We have not proven if defendant is corrupt or malicious. What is clear is based on doubt; he is no longer fit to be chief justice.

Senator Panfilo Lacson – Chief Justice used to work at SGV, taught corporate law. I find it hard to believe his testimony; that he does not understand accounting.

Senator Lito Lapid – Para saakin malinaw na malinaw na si Chief Justice Corona ay lumabag sa batas.

Senator Loren Legarda – Disclosure of SALN is the only window by which public can judge if we have undeservedly enriched ourselves in public office.

Senator Bongbong Marcos – Information was grossly exaggerated against the chief justice

Senator Serge Osmena III- Justice must not be merely done but also seen to be done. We must tell people that justice is applied equally

Senator Kiko Pangilinan – There was a systematic concealment of Corona’s assets.The vote to convict is a vote to end abuses in the government.

Senator Koko Pimentel – Kung ayaw mo ilahad ang tunay mong yaman, wag ka pumasok sa gobyerno. Ang batas para kay Juan, ay batas rin para kay Renato.

Senator Ralph Recto – Assets are so huge, 50 times more than what he declared, that they cannot be brushed

Senator Bong Revilla – He has the responsibility to be the epitome of a public servant with the highest ethical standards.

Senate Majority Leader Tito Sotto – Ang tunay na hukom sa paglilitis na ito’y taongbayan. Nadinig nila ang dalawang panig. Tulad namin, hindi lahat sila abogado pero ang kapangyarihan ng demokrasya ay nasa kanilang kamay. In my conscience I have heard their decision and I vote guilty.

Senator Antonio Trillianes – The Chief Justice must have unquestionable moral integrity and strength in character to render him impervious to corruption and political pressure as he administers justice for our country and people.

Senator Manny Villar – Naniniwala po ako na dapat pantay pantay ang implementasyon ng batas ng FCD.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile – The respondent is still duty-bound by our laws to declare these deposit accounts, them being under his name according to his own admission. I believe the Chief Justice’s reliance on absolute confidentiality accorded to foreign deposit accounts is grossly misplaced. I maintain constitutional principle of public accountability, overrides absolute confidentiality in Foreign Currency Deposit Act. There is nothing in the Foreign Currency Deposit Act that prohibits the depositor from declaring his own dollar deposits.

So, what's left for Chief Justice Renato Corona? Corona has not lost anything but only his title here in the Philippines where he will be the first Chief Justice of the Philippines ever convicted and proven guilty of impeachment as what the senator-judges voted as majority.

The Impeachment trial is lasted for a long 44 days which has been as the longest impeachment deliberation trial in Philippine history which I think on my own ways. These happenings of Impeachment Trial against CJ Renato Corona is now part of the history of the Philippines especially in politics and laws. More power to all the people in the name of our country Philippines and I hope we were not all blind.

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