Mommy Dionisia PHOTO collapsed after Pacquiao lost to Bradley!

This is the photo of Mommy Dionisia (picture and image) faints after learning the results that Manny Pacquiao losses to Timothy Bradley on their fight the Pacquiao vs Bradley.It's a schocking decision ever! Mommy Dionisia faints after the announcement that Manny Pacquiao his son had failed to win over Bradley and lost to split desicion.

Here's the photo of Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao as she faints after the Pacquiao versus Bradley fight.

I think Mommy Dionesia now can recover and be learned that everything of impossible is possible as you can see the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight. Some boxing fans are in a shock mode that's why mommy Dionesia as a mother was collapsed as a fact that the judges and the decision is weird and worst ever that makes the greatest boxing roberry of all time. Pacquiao dominated the fight for 12 rounds as being seen by aling Dionesia in her own eyes!

Manny Pacquiao's mom Mommy Dionesia has watched his fight at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas has just collapsed at the ringside upon seeing her son being beaten by his opponent, Margarito. Aling Dionisia gave comment that she will not watch Manny's fight again. I hope Mommy Dionesia is now ok.

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