WBO review and re-score on Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Results-Pacquiao wins over Bradley via UD

WBO has just done and finished the review of score based on judging the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight result last June 9, 2012 in which in contrast, Pacquiao wins over Bradley via Unanimous decision according to the review, and this fight result is what the fans and crowd are expecting.

According to the report, five judges assigned by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) to review the controversial Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley welterweight bout and all the five judges have unanimously re-scored the fight in favor of the former WBO Filipino champ Manny Pacquiao than the newly crowned Timothy Bradley.

The WBO (World Boxing Organization) on Thursday announced the true winner of Pacquiao’s controversial fight against Bradley last June 9, all of them scored the bout unanimously all for Pacquiao.

As the re-scored result, all the assigned judges scored the last bout of Pacquiao vs Bradley - 117-111, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113, all in favor for Manny Pacquiao. [via]

Last June 9, 2012, the two judges named Duane Ford and CJ Ross saw it 115-113 for Bradley, and only Jerry Roth scored the bout for Pacquiao, 115-113, giving the Bradley the victory via a controversial split decision.

But the outcome of the June 9 bout where Bradley captured the belt from Manny split decision cannot be changed because the "records are gonna be the records."

Both Pacquiao and Bradley are open for a rematch and expected to face again this coming November rematch, but that negotiations for the November fight of Pacquiao vs Bradley has not yet taken place. We'll wait for the updates of both camps as they will agree to have rematch this coming November and also considering the TOP Rank Boss and Promoter Bob Arum. If these all be negotiated, and exactly in November, we will see the rematch of the action between former Filipino champ Manny Pacquiao and the new American champ Timothy Bradley! Till next updates!

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