Kedebon Colim of X Factor Philippines

Kedebon Colim is curently one of the top 8 finalist of the X Factor Philippines for 2012. He is one of the top favorite especially from his beloved place of Banilad, Cebu. Many Filipino or Pinoy fans are waiting for him every time he performs in the crowd of X factor Philippines together with the judges-mentors namely Gary, his daddy mentor Martin, Miss Pilita, and the international sensation Charice Pempengco. He is just an 18 year old boy, and I'm the one who is proud of him since I'm also a Cebuano. And I'm sure Kedebon Colim's parents, relatives, and friends are very proud of him did not expect to keep Kedebon to the Top 8 finalist of x factor as you can see his very impressive performance, the happy and laughing kid performer. He has the x-factor not only in his singing but also his never say die attitude and his focus is all there. I hope you fans out there continually supporting texting to vote Kedebon Colim in order to remain him to the top finalist,and who knows he will be the grand champion of the x factor Philippines and if not, at least he got the x factor and a heart of a true Filipino.

X factor Philippines Finalist
Kedebon Colim

On his auditioned, with his great performance "What Makes You Beautiful" entertained the judges and perhaps garnered the most Filipino ans and worldwide with his jolly, kiddy, entertainer and unique. It was amazing every time Kedebon performs live.And this short biography is dedicated to Kedebon Colim, his video replay, updates, great performance and all about Kedebon will be posted in here, exclusively. That's why judges gave him time to come out and make some great noise in the x factor show. And also that's why making him eligible to enter the Bootcamp stage chosen as one of the top 20 in different categories and finally made it to the top 8. That was X KED if you were voting for him. Martin Nievera was assigned to him and being as Kedebon's daddy in the assigned Boys category.

So far, most of the comments be in youtube, twitter, forums, etc were by far good and sensing that the fans were really impressed by Kedebon's performance. But also haters and critics of Kedebon were inevitable - they keep downing the caliber of Kedebon Colim's performance but still he is on top making himinto the top 8 because Pinoy fans love him and his performance - that's what Kedebon is, a unique talent from him. Congrats Kedebon once again.

For you to vote Kedebon, just text XF KED and send to 2331 for Globe, TM and Sun Cellular or 231 for Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers. To vote online, you can use your ABS-CBN vote cards at

Good luck to you Kedebon - just keep your Kede Performance! All the best luck!

If you want to watch the video performances coming from Kedebon Colim, here's the video replays (these video is courtesy under

Kedebon Colim sings What Makes You Beautiful:

Kedebon Colim -- First Day High:

It Will Rain - Kedebon Colim:

Kedebon Colim Top 11 Performance - I Live My Life For You:

Kedebon Colim - Factor Philippines 2nd Live Performance Night:

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