Banal vs Sor Singyu on Pinoy Pride 17 w/ Fight Results & Video Replay

Watch the Banal versus Sor Singyu on their fight of Pinoy Pride 17 (XVII) this October 20, 2012 only here in Philippines' ABS CBN live streaming coverage. The Banal vs Sor Singyu live streaming will be covered by the ABS CBN network where the winner of Banal vs Sor Singyu will be updated in here and the full fight video replay also be covered, in Studio 23. The Pinoy Pride 17 entitled again as "Philipines vs The World" will give latest fight updates on Pinoy Pride XVII - headlines Banal vs Sor Singyu. Also from the card, we will be seeing action to Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista, Jason "El Niño" Pagara, and the veteran Michael "Bruce Lee" Domingo on Pinoy Pride 17. Who do you think will win this fight?

UPDATES: AJ "Bazooka" Banal lost to Pungluang Sor Singyu via 9th TKO! Congratulations to Sor Singyu for winning the World Boxing Organization bantamweight championship crown! Rey "Boom Bom" Bautista defeated Daniel Ruiz of Mexico via split decision! Jason Pagara defeated Miguel Antoine via 1st round KO. Jason Pagara successfully defended his WBO International jr welterweight title while Rey Bautista coveted the WBO International featherweight title. Congratulations to both Pinoy Boxers Bautista and Pagara for winning the title!

Pinoy Pride XVII: Banal vs Sor Singyu (Philippines vs The World)
Pinoy Pride 17 - Philippines vs the World October 21 Philippines
The Banal - Sor Singyu Fight is for the vacant World Boxing Organization bantamweight championship crown. AJ "Bazooka" Banal is main event of the headline Pinoy Pride 17 against the scary Thai Pungluang Sor Singyu. This will be the toughest test for AJ Banal after losing to Rafael Concepcion due to exhaustion. But his last fight against Mexican Hidalgo on their Pinoy Pride 13 encounter where Banal won an impressive 1st round TKO would prove Banal's reputation for Sor Singyu.

Complete/Full list of fight results, winners and losers of Pinoy Pride 17 (XVII) (Philippines vs The World): (Note: All Filipino wins the fight against the world except for AJ "Bazooka" Banal)
  • AJ "Bazooka" Banal lost to Pungluang Sor Singyu via 9th round TKO
  • Rey "BoomBoom" Bautista defeated Daniel Ruiz via split decision
  • Jason Pagara defeated Miguel  Antoine via 1st round TKO
  • Michael Domingo defeated Mudde Ntambe Rabison via 2nd round KO
  • Marlon Tapales defeated  Caem Rasmanudin via 2nd round TKO
  • Juan Martin Elorde defeated Gerry Sismundo via 4th round TKO
  • Randy Bullong defeated Kazuma Ejiri via 4th round
  • Val Falcunaya defeated  Robert Agcopra via 3rd round TKO

Watch the Full Video Replay of Pinoy Pride 17(XVII):

AJ Banal vs Sor Singyu part 1/3 (youtube video courtesy):

AJ Banal vs Pungluang part 2/3 (youtube video courtesy):

AJ Banal vs Pungluang part 3/3 (youtube video courtesy):

No. 1 rated AJ "Bazooka" Banal (28-1-1, 20 KOs) is confident in their Pinoy Pride XVII Series – who is the main event of Pinoy Pride 17 headline as "Philippines vs The World" this Saturday of October 20, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines in a match against the No. 2 ranked Pungluang Sor Singyu (42-1, 27 KOs) for the vacant World Boxing Organization bantamweight championship crown. This Pinoy Pride event will be one of the biggest Pinoy Pride event of the ALA Promotions as six Filipino talented boxers will be battling against the six fighters in any other nations. It promises to be the most exciting Pinoy Pride Series in this year end of 2012.

"Magandang laban ito. Bakbakan talaga, I came prepared to fight in every round. If I can knock him out in the first round, the second round then good. If not, I will knockout him out in the twelfth round. I am prepared to fight even for fifteen rounds." Banal quickly said.

"It should not be a difficult fight for me. I have seen Banal’s fights. I am not worried. He won't reach 6 round or I will knock him out in the sixth round." Sor Singyu said. "It’s good he predicted the sixth round, then I’ll knock him out in the fifth,” Banal countered Sor Singyu statement.

"This will be a good fight. I predict a knockout," Daniel Ruiz said. "Let’s do it this Saturday," Bautista countered the statement.

"I’m ready. I had a great camp and I feel so conditioned," Pagara said. "I’m an excellent fighter. I trained for a lot of months and put on a lot of hard work into this. I’m going to show a good fight," Antoine countered Pagara's statement.

KO predictions of both side are expected by these boxers to come out. Also Rey Bautista will be up against Mexican Daniel Ruiz for the vacant WBO International featherweight title. Meanwhile Jason "El Niño" Pagara will be defending his WBO International jr.welterweight title against the unbeaten and hungry Miguel Antoine of Barbados. Jason Pagara had previously fought his rematch against Montoya on Pinoy Pride 15 main event and won an impressive 6th round TKO against Montoya last August 18, 2012 capturing his WBO International jr.welterweight belt. And veteran Michael "Bruce Lee" Domingo will be agaisnt Mudde Ntambe Rabison of Uganda. All I can say, the most exciting fight promotions that ALA has produced since the start of the series. Very risky for these Pinoy Pride ALA boxers but the results will be made as sweet as sugarcane. Let's hope for the most exciting battle for our Pinoy Pride fighters and give them a full support!

Watch Pinoy Pride 17 Live Streaming:
For you to watch Pinoy Pride 17:Banal vs Sor Singyu, the fight will be watched here on Philippines local time only on ABS CBN Kapamilya this Sunday, October 21, 2012 starts at 10:15 am in the morning and it will be replayed on the Sunday, October 21, 2012 7:30 pm in the evening only at Studio 23 network only here in Philippines. The fight can be seen on live streaming or internet streaming via Philippine local TV.

Pinoy Pride 17 Fight Results:
The full fight results and winners will be posted here right after the said fight schedule. You can visit again for more fight updates.

Pinoy Pride 17 Full Fight Video Replay:
The Banal vs Sor Singyu full fight video replay fight on Pinoy Pride 17 will be made available after a couple of hours or even days as soon as possible for best results.

A very exciting fight to watch out! Pinoy Pride 17 features the three Filipino Talented Boxers fighting for the world title in our very own territory here in Philippines! Let's support to them!

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