RA 10175 - Philippines Republic Act 10175 on Anti-Cybercrime Law

Update of Republic Act 10175 or known as RA 10175 as of November 3, 2012 : The RA 10175 is in the utmost controversial law which was to be revised. The PIFA (Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance) has just recently launched its website and posted on October 1, 2012 calling all Filipinos in the world of internet protesting the new Philippines' Anti Cyber Crime of Crime Prevention Act in which the petition is to have a website black out protest. The caption from the pifa.ph is "Stop Cyber Martial Law. Respect our Right to free speech, privacy, and information. Prevent Dictatorship. Protect Democracy." It's true! If you find to support the campaign, you can directly visit its official website at PIFA.

A few weeks ago, the Republic Act No. 10175 or Philippines' RA 10175 which is referred to the Anti-Cybercrime Law has just been signed by Pres. Noynoy Aquino according to the news and is now ready for the law implementation here in our Philippines. Many question arises coming from the Filipino (Pinoys) citizens and mostly from our internet users including online entrepreneurs, dealers, webmasters, social networkers, and many of them who uses internet as a common medium for them.

anti cyber crime law philippines 2012

Senator Edgardo Angara who is the sponsor and as one of the principal authors of this controversial Republic Act 10175 Law or Cyber Crime Prevention Act and other Senator who signed the anti Cyber Crime Law which this RA 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act was signed into a new law by President Benigno Aquino III on September 12, 2012 and is to take effect on October 3, 2012. The RA 10175 Act includes child pornography, cyber sex, human trafficking, identify theft, hacking, spamming, and other crimes found in the internet that is liable for offense as per new RA 10175 implementation.

Is Republic Act 10175 implemented as a ‘Cyber Martial Law’ declaration? Where we at our democracy? Many group of protesters came to protest for this Republic ACT 10175 as Anti Cyber Crime Law. Including the updates of protest where a group of protesters where last week of September 2012, one of the Philippine government website was hacked by them and it was the website of www.bsp.gov.ph has been hack with a new look page as a call for a protest for this RA 10175. But as of now, this website is already fix and up, if you could visit this website during it is hack by the group of pinoy expert hackers known as Anonymous Philippines as being display on the website hacked page as a form of petition for protesting the newly signed and passed anti-cybercrime law. These group of protester, were calling for a new revise RA 10175, the anti-cybercrime law and it was making the loudest of such calls for that law.

One would question out the internet activities may included in the RA 10175 or Philippines Republic Act on Anti-Cybercrime Law and some of these are; Computer-related fraud, Cybersex, Illegal access to a computer system, Cybersquatting, Illegal interception of data, Computer-related identity theft, damaging of data, System interference, altering computer data, the use of viruses and the use, production, sale, or making available without right of malware, passwords , and authority, and pornography. Is these all part and covered by the Anti Cyber Crime Law?

Does the Republic Act 10175 covers copyright infringement? Can you say no to Republic Act no. 10175? Or can you say yes to them? Who are the author of these republic act 10175? Does Philippines' anti-cybercrime law covers torrent and other related issue? Also one of the twitter or other social network, asked what about torrenting and download of copyrights, is part of the section on the said newly passed Republic act? What would be the penalty if violated this act? Are online jobs included in Republic Act or Cybercrime Prevention Act?

For you to know all of them as being asked by common and for you to get the full copy of full article of RA 10175, you can view or browse the the Philippines Republic Act 10175 at the official page HERE.

Or you can read this full copy of RA 10175 below.

The Supreme Court has to study these petitions in the internet questioning this Republic Act 10175, Public Information Office Chief Gleo Guerra said Tuesday.

"The SC did not issue a TRO in the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 [and] petitions are up for further study," Public Information Office Chief Gleo Guerra said.

The high court withheld the deliberation of passed and signed controversial law to next Tuesday. What can you say about this newly Republic Act? Is it easy for you to let this go and to be implemented by the lawmakers? How can the government prove any crime committed? What the Filipino community's reaction to this new RA law?

One of the Pinoy hacker aka "busabos" shouted in a Philippine Government website 5 days after the proclamation of the new law: "sin tax = corruption" is this for the sake of politics and for the sin tax only?

Let us see what will be going on, or if the higher court will continually and fully implemented this newly law? Or they make some extra and amount of time deliberating this Republic Act 10175 and decided to decline the law or let it go. You can do comments below as a freedom of expression for this newly passed Republic Act 10175.

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