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The PINOY word came from the informal locality name of a Filipino. Pinoy made it sense as a meaning of a local person from the country Philippines - on which Manila City as the Capital. Pinoy for a Filipino and specifically called as pinay for a feminine Filipina. It is also a slang term used for Filipinos outside Philippines - commonly known as Overseas Filipino Workers referring to Pinoy. And it is being widely used to determine a Filipino race inside and outside Philippines due to national language used - Tagalog language.

     That's a basic description for me about Pinoy people. Preferrably, Pinoy is commonly used to describe a blood race Filipino which is the original one. Because promoting Pinoy is a term for us Filipinos which was widely acceptable in any areas like: technology, sports, media, career, internet, and etc. Pinoy popularized its name started way back of president Marcos on which Ninoy Aquino referred to Pinoy - named as Noynoy, Ninoy, Totoy, and so many other local names related to Pinoy. It has been used in some popularization like TV and Media Entertainment : the Talentadong Pinoy, Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Showtime, Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, Pinoy Dream Academy, and many other TV media. Even in internet industry, Pinoy has been widely used as a local website administration in the Philippines: some of these popular website owned by Pinoy Admin are,,,,,, and thousands of websites that have a domain name of pinoy.

Even our current President Noynoy Aquino has been named as PNOY - referring to as a Pinoy descent by his father Ninoy Aquino and his mother former president Cory Aquino. Then, we have so many Pinoy people around the world with more than millions of Pinoy people outside Philippines for their career growth.We have great Pinoy who excells in different areas: in study, in sports, in technology, in web, and in any other. Allow me to point out one of them: Dr. Jose Rizal - our National Hero, Manny Pacquiao - best pound for pound king of boxing, Charice Pempengco - international singer and celebrity, Arnel Pineda - international singer with The Journey Band, Jovit Baldivino - pinoy singer sensation, recently won the 1st season of the show Pilipinas Got Talent. Mark Monuz - Pinoy MMA (mix martial arts) contender fighting for middleweight, Agapito Flores - the inventor of the fluorescent lamp, Dino Ignacio - won the US Webby Awards in 1998 and webmaster, Efren Pinaflorida - CNN hero awarded: educate children through pushcart library, Efren Bata Reyes - the magician of 9 balls billiard, Johnny Abarrientos - a pinoy great basketball legend player, Dave Batista - celebrity wrestler, Francisco  Manalac - vocalist of Bamboo Band, and  so many great pinoys to mention about. Proud to be PINOY!

     And this time I'll give some of the videos related to Pinoy life documentaries and let them share how great pinoy is:

Lupang Hinirang - Philippine National Anthem:

I am a pilipino and I can't stand you americans saying that you hate us for being a FAILURE but come to think of it you made us like this...And if you can't accept that we are happy of being a failure forever than be like you americans that know nothing about living with pride and kindness in hearts I may not be a perfect Pilipino citizen but i am proud to say that I can be better than you American citizen who only know how to insult people who are different from them!

Pinoy song:

Pinoy Theme song:
Nationalism is the form of love where you feel complete by serving your motherland. Just as any forms of love, it does not require a reason and must never be questioned nor reasoned with or you will only lose your reason

Thumbs up if you are proud to be a Filipino with out even caring why!

Kapayapaan Pinoy Song:

NASUD KO by Bisrock All Star:

I hope you have the heart of a true Filipino after you read this article of mine. Because my blood flows all over my body as a Filipino and I'm proud to be a Filipino, no regret of having a Filipino or Pinoy decent race. My traditions are your traditions, my culture is your culture, keep up our Filipino race - in culture and in spirit! Till the next generations...

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