Vice Ganda Boyfriend is RR Garcia?

Is RR Garcia is the new boyfriend of Vice Ganda? Who is Vice Ganda's real boyfriend or bf before and after? Who is RR Garcia? This questions is vividly now trending on blogs, twitter, facebook, and other social networking site after Ryan Roose 'RR' Garcia who is the FEU's basketball player with picture of him as face covered showcase on Vice' show on Gandang Gabi Vice which was dated recently June 3, 2012. And as of November 11 2012 update, is this really true that RR Garcia is the new boyfriend of Vice Ganda? Or is just a comedy to add spices on Vice Ganda's Show business?

new updates boy friend of vice ganda pictures and images rr garcia

Even if there were rumors that appear to be true or not that RR Garcia is really boyfriend of Vice Ganda but both camp has never be in confirmation. We have to wait the latest updates officially from them and not just rely on hearsay and rumors. If you saw the Vice Ganda's show just recently last month of June on the pictures of Vice Ganda and RR Garcia were alleged long ago which that speculates the two who were really in a deeper relationship? And as we said that the photo taken was allegedly at RR Garcia's FEU Basketball player's residence in Zamboanga place.

For anyone who does not know, Vice Ganda's Gandang Gabi Vice is gaining popularity nationwide and reach over the world especially to OFW's. Meanwhile Vice Ganda's It's Showtime is still standing gaining some TV Rating's also. Infact, the Showtime Kapamilya is always now teasing the comedian about having a basketball player boyfriend and definitely an FEU's basketball current player 2012. Questions arise of RR Garcia is the person behind every tease from the ShowTime Family to Vice Ganda? Is he be the true guy referring to that issue? We don't think so because there were reports that RR Garcia has girlfriend (or wife?) already but rumors still spreading that Vice Ganda is a godfather to Garcia's child.

Would you still think that RR Garcia is the new boyfriend of Vice Ganda? Or do the basketball player boyfriend is RR Garcia? or some fans would say is it Terrence Bill Romeo? Moreover, there were really more and more rumors with regards to Vice Ganda's bf or boyfriend.

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