Viloria vs Marquez Fight Results with Video Replay

The updated fight results of Viloria vs Marquez video replay winner. Video Replay to follow watch the Viloria vs Marquez Fight live streaming this November 17, 2012 only here in Philippines' GMA 7 TV network's live streaming coverage. The fight is a scheduled fight between Brian Viloria and Hernan Tyson Marquez with live streaming will be covered by the GMA 7 network and the winner fight results of Viloria vs Marquez will be updated here from time to time. Also the Viloria-Marquez full fight video replay will be covered in this post according to the available fight updates. Who do you think will win this fight? What's your fight prediction?

FIGHT UPDATE: Filipino BRIAN VILORIA defeated Mexican HERNAN TYSON MARQUEZ via 10th round TKO! Congratulations to the Hawaiian Punch Brian Viloria for capturingboth WBO and WBA flyweight title on his waist! What a strong back and fourth battle of Viloria and Marquez especially on round 5. This is gonna be one of the best fight in boxing history ! Once again, congrats Brian! You made our country Philippines proud and also we Filipinos!
live streaming of viloria vs romero fight results video replay latest November 17, 2012
The Viloria-Marquez Fight

The Fight of Brian Viloria and Hernan Tyson Marquez is one of a much exciting fight this November 2012. Who do you think will win in this fight? This is the battle of the flyweight champions. This is one of toughest challenge for Brian Viloria since winning an impressive performance against his past competitor's Segura and Romero, respectively. Watch this very interesting fight of Filipino Viloria and Mexican Marquez this November 17, 2012.

Here's the fight results and winner updates of Viloria vs Marquez:
  • Brian Viloria defeated Hernan Marquez via 10th round TKO
  • Roman Gonzalez defeated Juan Francisco Estrada via 12 round UD
  • Drian Francisco defeated Javier Gallo via 5th roud TKO
  • Andy Ruiz defeated Rufino Flores via round 4 Unanimous Decision
  • Rodrigo Garcia defeated Octavio Narvaez via 2nd round TKO

Viloria vs Marquez Latest Fight News and Update

The much anticipated fight between the two flyweight Champions entitled Champion vs Champion: Brian "The Hawaiian Punch" Viloria vs Hernan "Tyson" Marquez that takes place at LA Sports Arena, Ca­lifornia. The fight will be on live streaming here in Philippines this local time Sunday November 18, 2012 at 3 pm only on GMA 7: Laban ng Lahi.

Filipino Champion Brian Viloria is up against the Mexican Champion Tyson Marquez for the WBO and WBA flyweight titles unification bout. A battle between the best fighters in the flyweight division where Pinoy WBO Flyweight champion Brian "The Hawaiian Punch" Viloria facing Mexican WBA Flyweight champion Hernan "Tyson" Marquez - a title bout unification or both fighters will be defending their titles and gaining more title at the same time.

Note that this fight will be on live streaming via GMA 7 network exactly 3:00 pm of Philippines local time, November 18, 2012. Also Viloria vs Marquez will be broadcast on TV Azteca (Mexico), WealthTV (USA), and GMA 7 (Philippines) on different local time tonight.

After their official weigh-in, Brian Viloria weighed 111.8 LBS. while for Hernan Marquez weighed 110.8 LBS held at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Viloria and Marquez Fight will be the world unification bout Saturday night (Sunday Morning in Philippines Local time) at the Los Angeles Arena in an event revealed as "Champion vs Champion". There will be a big bang for this match up fight.

Viloria's boxing record has 31 wins with 18 knockouts and 3 losses while Marquez’ boxing record has 34 wins with 25 knockouts, and 2 losses.

On the other bout, there will be another Filipino contender Drian Francisco who battle against Mexican Javier Gallo.

According to Viloria's interview, he will not be stepping back against Marquez. Read some of Viloria's comment during his interview below,

Viloria said: "I am not worried in the least. It has been two years since I’ve been with Garcia and I have changed my style and strategies considerably. They (Team Garcia) think they know me but they are wrong."

"My winning streak against Mexican fighters will continue and the Mexican style fits well within my style," Viloria added.

"There had been times where I was thinking, "Man, am I done? I doubted myself a few times but when you dig deeper and figure out what you want, at that point it was that I didn't want it to end that way. If I decided to retire, this is a bad note for me to retire on. I felt like I really had enough left in the tank to make another great run and I think I am showing it right now." Viloria admitted.

The Viloria versus Marquez fight will be aired live on WealthTV in the United States, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and via satellite starting at 3pm, Sunday, on GMA 7 in the Philippines. The fight can also be followed through live commentary on Super Radyo DZBB 594 MHz at 10 a.m., Sunday, with a TV replay on GMA News TV Channel 11 at 10 p.m. on November 18, 2012 Philippine local time schedule.

Some boxing analyst commented that the fight will be for Viloria via Unanimous decision and some would argue that the fight will be for Marquez via late rounds TKO. For you, who will be emerged as the true predator and victor for this fight? Is it for Filipino-American Viloria? or for Mexican Maarquez? These both guys are flyweight champions in their division. What can you say about his fight? Let see what inevitably happens this a few hour of fight between Viloria and Marquez.

Watch Viloria vs Marquez Live
For you to watch Viloria vs Marquez, the fight will be watched here on Philippines local time only on GMA 7 network this Sunday, November 18, 2012 starts at 3:00 pm in the morning. We do our best for possible real time schedule of live streaming Viloria vs Marquez Fight. For the mean time, the fight will be broadcast on TV Azteca (Mexico), WealthTV (USA), and GMA 7 (Philippines).

Viloria vs Marquez Fight Results
The complete and finale results of Viloria vs MArquez will be updated also in here on who will be the winners of Viloria-Marquez fight and their under-cards. You can bookmark this page for you to visit easiy on this site for more updates.

Viloria vs Marquez Fight Video Replay
The full video replay of Viloria vs Marquez fight will be made available after the fight of the Viloria and Marquez. Watch the full video replay of Viloria vs Marquez via youtube video courtesy uploaded by BoxingFan4444 username.

Viloria vs Marquez Fight Highlights:

Watch Viloria VS Marquez Full Video Replay compilation on Youtube video courtesy by BoxingFan4444:

Brian Viloria vs. Hernan Marquez - Rounds 1-3:

Brian Viloria vs. Hernan Marquez - Rounds 4-6:

Brian Viloria vs. Hernan Marquez - Rounds 7-9:

Brian Viloria TKO10 Hernan Marquez:

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