CHRISTMAS MEMORIES of Showtime hosts shared on t.v.

A week before Christmas the Showtime noontime hosts iincluding Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro reminisced their Christmas most memorable experiences.

“Anne Curtis said when she was in Australia every summer vacation she played with all her friends together everytime she visit there every Christmas.”

“Vice Ganda also said when he was still elementary in early 90’s when December comes he just ride only tricycle going to school ad going home because the air is cold everytime the Christmas is coming.”

“Everytime the vacation is coming I always join messa degallo. I always go to church to attend a mass. We always saw each other with Jhong the first time we encounter each other..Vhong shared.”

For Karylle, Christmas means Baguio City.
“Every Christmas I spend with my family together in Baguio City me and my family love to play pine needles.”

“When I was still in That’s Entertainment everytime off to school and Christmas my family have special out of town we go to my mom’s relatives in Iloilo all of us love to cook barbeque and swimming at that time were both happy all of us.
Crawford also mentioned out-of-town Christmas trips with the family.

For "Matanglawin" host Kim Atienza, his most memorable Christmas was a decade ago before he started his own family
“Kuya Kim said that when 10 or 11 years ago every Christmas my old family means when I was still single and young me my and my family always have vacation but now it did’nt happen again because I am already married and have my own family already . That’s we call life everytime has a change.

For his part, Korean comedian Ryan Bang recalled the winters in his home country South Korea.
“When we said Christmas in my palce in korea we have snow there me and my friends love to play snow we threw and eat the snow coz when we climb in the mountain the snow is clean and its okey to eat.”

For athlete Eric Tai, meanwhile, Christmas is still about sports.
“We every Christmas and my family join together and we have battle of sports ,if who are the best in basketball, volleyball, and rugby is also the best in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We go mass together.

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