Manny Pacquiao Interview after the shocking KO lost to Marquez

After the very shocking loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in their 4th encounter, Manny Pacquiao showed the sportsmanship and managed to be interviewed. As they boxing fans said, "Great boxers are not invincible. They lose too..." It happened also with these great boxers like Mike Tyson on Tyson vs. Douglas was an upset. Even the great Muhammad Ali loses too. I know many boxing fans were upset and so Manny does not happy with the fight result. Juan Manuel Marquez KO'ed Manny Pacquiao in the final seconds 6th round in their 4th encounter.

Be ready Manny, for the 5th encounter.

Here's the interview with Merchant,

Merchant asked Pacquiao: "After you suffered the 1st knock out, you seemed back in control... did you careless?"

Pacquiao: "Yes I got careless. You know, it's not good."

Merchant: "You got hit with a Punch you never saw?"

Pacquiao: "Exactly. I was so over confident, I thought I had him. I thought I got him, but you know.
He is not an easy opponent, he is a tough fighter. I did my best, but that's boxing, that's sports.
I thought I got him in the last couple of rounds and I started to get over confident.

Merchant: Was he stronger?

Pacquiao:" I just didn't see his punch."

Merchant: " DO U WANT TO FIGHT JMM again?"

Pacquiao: " Yes, Its a good fight, I just started to get over confident.

Merchant: "So a 5th fight?"

Pacquiao: "If they give us a chance, we will fight again."

I hope and fans do hope that Manny will get revenge in their 5th encounter. Manny, come back strong. Bring back the old Manny. More focus and more training. Forget anything than boxing as your priority now. Marquez caught you on your 4th fight. Next time Manny, be it next time.

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