Amy Perez forced fading heart rate deliver his baby by C section

Thank you Lord that safe kame pareho ng baby ko! Welcome to the world baby Isaiah Joaquin!

Amy Perez tweet on TV5 on Friday morning in her room at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City, by caesarian section two days after she give birth to her third baby Isaiah Joaquin.

Last Saturday morning in a phone interview of the TV host,actress,43 , revealed that she was force to deliver her baby in C section because her doctor detected that the baby’s heart rate is falling shared by “Ang Latest Updated”.

Amy told “Ang Latest” co-hosts Cristy Fermin, Lucy Torres-Gomez, and Mr. Fu, and guest Wilma Doesnt that the doctors immediately ordered the procedure for fear that the umbilical cord was choking the baby.

Amy is very thankfull the baby came out well and healthy. At 7.5 lbs, he was also the heaviest of Amy’s three boys upon delivery. The mother, who is breastfeeding, also revealed that Isaiah Joaquin has the biggest appetite. The biggest baby among the three of my boys.

Amy also said that she carried the baby for 39 weeks-between 37 and 41 weeks is normal and not overdue.This is she’s clarification to all her co-host but Wilma guest that Amy must have beeb caesarian procedure because of her age necessarily.

Amy 1st son is Adi with her stranged past husband Brix Ferraris, Isaiah Joaquin is Amy’s 2nd child with her partner radio host Carlo Castillo after Sean Kyle.

The above statement are all tweeted by Amy Perez.

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