Cristine Reyes-Rayver Cruz break-up, Derek Ramsay explains how his name got dragged into this issue

Last Sunday is the announcement of the break-up of the young couple Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz but it came a little bit side story that Derek Ramsay is the possible third party.

Cristine admitted that they had been seen together in public although she was quickly clear Derek Ramsy’s name.

Yesterday Monday Derek confirmed on the set of his TV5 superhero series “kidlat”.
Derek said that maraming tao ang nagsasabi na nakikita nila kaming lumalabas yes its true twice already but we are both comfortable with each other together to be seen because we’re friends.

He also clarified that he ang cristine have been close friends since they worked together in the 2011 blockbuster film “ No Other Woman” the kapatid hunk shared.

“We have a very weird relationship because everytime na I call to check up on her, sasagot ‘yan na ‘Ano? Mang eepal ka na naman?’” he said, laughing.

“Pero ganun lang talaga siya magsalita. And that’s how we are with each other and we laugh about it,” he added.

During one long weekend late last year we accidentally met in Batangas.I was with my family and she was with his friends that was the first time we spotted together, Derek Ramsay admitted.

The second time we spotted together is when the issue already revealed that she and Rayver had already called it quits it happened in the The fort of December during a night-out with friends.

Derek also insisted that I’m not the cause of their break-ups, not at all we are friends. We developed friendship over “ No Other Woman” and Rayver Cruz is also my friend before.

He also added that its just a rumor, I don’t give it much attention and I won’t let it affect my friendship with cristine.

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