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It's been a long hiatus after the first published of the best Tagalog pick up lines just year of 2013. As it reached a total around 1 million visits of the the Filipino and foreigners who learn and understand tagalog language so that they can relate the tagalog pick up lines. This pick up lines subsides at this best lines 2012 as you can visit directly here on this PAGE. The newest tagalog pick lines language can be seen right also here on this POST for us netizens as a free pick up lines.

Are you in favor of pick up lines? Are pick up lines are trending now in our country Philippines? What can you gain upon reading these pick up lines on earth? Hehe. These questions are boggling in your mind but let me ask you, why you need pick up lines? We need it because it's a kind of self expressin towards one self and to be wit. Pick up lines are so great and very meaningful pick up lines as we describe it beyond its definition of pick up lines.

Whatever you have in your mind about what pick up lines is all about, I can give you the latest, cheesiest, grandest, likest, lovable, rivalry, and all about pick up lines that are new such releases as of February 2013. You can comment or give some reactions after you have done reading these pick newest post about pick up lines in here. You can also add your own pick up lines on the comment below. And it's a very pick up lines we are discovering through.

So, are you ready for this brand new tagalog pick up lines? Remember, this is only exclusive a Filipino language. Here we go:

One of the cheesiest pick up lines you have,

*pwede bang tumingin ka sakin habang nakatingin acoh sau??? para may pagtingin tayo sa isat isa...

*gusto coh na maging bubuyog.. basta ikaw ang honey coh..

*napapansin q..tumataba ka..bumibilog... at unti-unting nagiging mundo coh..

One of the lovable pick up lines you have to read,

pag nkita ng crush mo tumutulo sipon mo, ano sasabihin mo???
SAGOT: una puso ko...ngayon pati ba naman sipon ko nahuhulog na din sayo!! yeah yeah yeah!!!!

So what's yours? You can post your pick up lines below through comments may it on facebook or disqus platform comment box for tagalog pick up lines.

And wait, here's a lot more to do with tagalog pick up lines,

"Bigyan mo ng ice cream cone. Dapat cone lang at walang ice cream. Pag hinanap niya yung ice cream, sabihin mo, “natunaw na kakatitig sa’yo."

"Bili ka ng sandosenang box ng crayola. Kolektahin mo lahat ng black. Lagay mo sa isang box ng crayola. Sa likod, isulat mo: Walang kulay ang buhay kung wala ka."

"Bigyan mo siya ng mumurahing bumbilya. Alam mo na siguro by this time kung ano ang isasagot pag tinanong niya kung bakit."

"Itext mo siya ng: “Hindi tayo tao, hindi tayo hayop, hindi tayo halaman. Bagay tayo. Bagay!"

"Bigyan mo siya ng calling card ng MMDA. Sa likod, isulat mo “para pag nagkabanggaan ang puso natin."

So what are you waiting for? Please have some comments to make pick up lines tagalog be part of our trending top and as part of a Pinoy's "It's a great time in Philippines". Until next time for a lot of latest release of tagalog pick up lines for 2013 and beyond.

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