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We are extending the Pinoy Jokes in Filipino or Tagalog jokes in this 2013.As we have our best Pinoy jokes in 2012 as you can visit in this JOKES section on this topic. We may ascertain that the best jokes of Pinoy is proudly represented on how the Filipino people is happy and being cheerful even in the times of problems and struggles in life. The Pinoy jokes are one of the moments that you would haven't to forget because it's part of our life t be happy and stay happy no matter how hard life is and how hard you get hit and beat unto your knees.

The Filipino jokes suited for how we are, being wise enough to face our trials in general principle of life. These are the key concepts in which you want to continue struggle in life and set a true meaning in life even at it's worst. So, we need inspiration ad aspirations in order to continue living a life to the fullest. So, Tagalog Jokes for 2013 releases are essential in order to get things done and in order for us not to fall hardly and emotionally apart from desperation and anxiety.

If you have this Jokes, so, you are one of the happiest person in this world. Jokes can heal wounds and can banished sickness, believe it or not, but it's a psychological aspects that you should understand and stake awake even in late at night. Jokes are better that in any other to make you laugh no matter how it was delivered through it. Be one of the joker or be the one to make the laughs on these following jokes we have in life.

So you want some latest jokes in here? So you can read this updated Filipino Jokes made in tagalog version. For sure, as a Filipino citizens, you will become like a laughing gas that keep on laughing even if you don't want. But these jokes can't have 100 percentage laughable by all readers since no matter how laughable the jokes is, it's up to the person reading on it, it depends how he/she gives instant expression on what really the Filipino jokes is talking about.

Here are the jokes in 2013 that you are going to follow through,


Sa Isang Jeep...

Pasahero: Mama, Magkano Po Yung Pasahe?

Driver: 7.50 Yung Minimum

Pasahero: (Dumukot Ito Sa Bulsa Para Kunin Yung Pera Niya, Ngunit sa Di Sinasadyang Dahilan Kulang Yung Pamasahe Niya.) Patay, Kulang Yung Pera Ko. Paano Kaya Ito? (Nag Isip Ito At Lumingon Sa Driver. Napansin Niya Na Duling Ito. Sabi Niya Sa Kanyang Sarili, Tama Duling Yung Driver Sigurado Pag Nagbigay Ako Ng 3.75 di Niya Mapapansin Na Kulang Yung Pera Ko. Kasi Doble Yung Paningin Nito. Inabot Niya Sa Driver Yung Pera.

Ngunit Laking Gulat Niya Nung May Sinabi Yung Driver Sa Kanya.

Driver: Kulang Ito!

Pasahero: Anong Kulang? Di Ba Sabi Mo 7.50 Yung Minimum?

Driver: Oo Nga 7.50 eh Dalawa Kaya Kayo.

Patay! Akala Mo Lusot Kana ha?

Still have more for tagalog jokes? And if you have one, you can comment below section so that we can have it on published with a credit for your name as an author for the tagalog jokes you have because we recognize truly for it.

Here are some jokes for this year 2013,


At Police Station:

Dalaga: Sir, kakasuhan ko po iyong kapitbahay kong si Toto pogi.
Police: Ano ang isasampang kaso mo sa kanya.
Dalaga: Attempted rape po Sir.
Police: E, Baka puedeng maayos niyong dalawa iyan, total di naman natuloy iyong rape.
Dalaga: Kaya nga nagdedemanda ako Sir, dahil di pa niya itinuloy.

Here are the last more Jokes you can read, keep laughing my friend. Hehe joke!


Vampire 1: Namumutla ka lalo a, may sakit ka ba?
Vampire 2: Oo, iyong nasipsip ko may severe anemia pala kaya nahawaan tuloy ako.
Vampire 1: E, papano iyan?
Vampire 2: Punta ako sa hospital, magpapaabono ako ng dugo.
Vampire 1: Ano ba iyong type ng dugo mo, A, B , O?
Vampire 2: Di ako sure, basta nasa A up to Z iyon.

I hope you enjoyed the Filipino jokes that we brought upon to you and please have your comment below and please share this to your friends through this sharing tools located below may it in facebook, email, twitter, and many more. Thank you, I'll keep looking forward for the latest Pinoy jokes ever extended!

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