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UPDATE as of November 29, 2015: A friend and schoolmate of Jill Rose way back in college has commented this page. Thanks and credit to Wanderkem (Guest):
"I was a schoolmate of Jill rose way back in college. they told me the story behind that but I don't know if I'm going to believe it or not. I pity her, boys in our school always bully her and also i salute her coz she moved on already, she forget the past and she learn things from her mistakes. Right now, she has a beautiful and happy family. She has a son and a daughter and of course a handsome husband. :)"

If you want to visit about the Mang Kanor Page, just visit it HERE.

Jill Rose Mendoza
This image is just a portrait and sketch by a person behind idrawgirls.com . All credits to the owner.
Jill Rose Mendoza refers to as one of the cuties, most beautiful, sexiest, prettiest woman, and every good thing in her life. She is a proud representation one of kind with one of the best looks ever be seen in the country Philippines. She's name has a rose that has thorn. Her smile is beautiful. Her laughs are that great. Her lips wear a good sign of hope. Her eyes says no more but to love someone and be loved by someone. Her specific birth place is unknown but generally in the country of Filipinos the Philippines. She is born as a Filipina or shortly known as Pinay, a native reference name for a Filipino woman in this nation.

Jill Rose is a Filipina who wanted to pursue the excellency through constant and proper education. Until in her higher year of schooling, no she only need moral support from her family, relative, and friends but also she needs the amount of money she will be able to spend in her tuition fees until such time one person arrive in her life believing that this man who will gave her moral support, who understand her, who gave her financial support and material things need to pursue her study without any ransom from her or without any compulsory actions and obligations from that man. But things go wrong, Jill Rose got into trouble, she succumb in the art of deception from this old man named Mang Kanor where she forcefully fell victim in the hands of Mang Kanor. Such that that this old man gave financial aid for her study but in the exchange of private giving in that shouldn't be. Readers should understand what it means, and what this story should end. I do think she's not pregnant or buntis with Mang Kanor or no pregnanacy issue between them.

Recently, Jill Rose, learned from that mistakes, recover, and move on from those nightmares she had with Mang Kanor. And from now on, she enjoy her life to the fullest that the bad things in the past will never be in her present and in the future someday and somehow.

If you try looking i anywhere about Jill Rose Mendoza, is not a celebrity but her given name but not the real name probably are circulating in the world wide web internet industry due to some mere but not exact facts that, she coined as one of the victims of Mang Kanor. Where there are video episode that she and Mang Kanor had and uploaded it in some video sharing site that has a source. We are hoping that the name Jill Rose Mendoza will be protected and the video scandal of her with Mang Kanor will be eradicated from the internet search engines like google, bing, yahoo, where these surfers keyworded their searches such as "Jill Rose Scandal", "Jill Rose Scandal part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and infinite" and we hopr it is not unlimited and could be stopped. Also, some internet savvy is searching for the key like "Jill Rose Mendoza Story", "Jill Rose Mendoza real life", "Mang Kanor and Jill Rose Mendoza Scandal", "Jill Rose Mendoza and Sister of Jill Rose Six Scandal", "s*x scandal video of Jill Rose Mendoza" and so on and so forth for Jill Rose Mendoza. But prankly there is no Jill Rose Mendoza and Mang Kanor six video scandal in here. This is just an unknown information about who is Jill Rose Mendoza name and not a real name. They also used the "Jill Rose Mendoza wiki or Jill Rose Mendoza wikipedia," "Jill Rose Mendoza facebook," or "Jill Rose Mendoza blog." as will as "Jill Rose Twitter account.

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