Juan De La Cruz May 6, 2013 | Vampire King knows Juan is the Guardian

Bringing you the May 6 2013 on Monday and pure excitement of this Juan De La Cruz every night episodes. This is the recent page for Juan De La Cruz updates including advance preview, live blog coverage, full video highlights and replay. This is more about Coco Martin and Erich Gonzales as the leading characters for this episode. ABS CBN's Juan De La Cruz is free to watch within the country and even international world wide.

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Watch the replay and video highlights of Juan De La Cruz this May 6, 2013, Monday.

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The video replay of Juan De La Cruz for May 6 will be made available after the primetime show in a matter of few delays. In this May 6 episode. Vampire King (Haring Aswang) will come to know that Juan is the (taga-bantay) and the Vampire King is not as powerful as Juan as he will realize this. Then he has a plan not to notify all of his men while finding the true nature of Juan through some testing him with his men. With regard to this, you will see a full of action this coming May 6, 2013.

Juan De La Cruz latest news and updates 2013. What's new is that the TV ratings for the new ABS-CBN's TV primetime bida Juan Dela Cruz starred by Coco Martin was a spike higher than the Indio of GMA network. This is the Juan De La Cruz live updates streaming and probably full video replay of Juan De La Cruz which we will see it online for those who has no time to watch it in real time TV. This is the update as of May 6, 2013.

The Story of Juan Dela Cruz: Juan Dela Cruz prayed for Kael's welfare, this made the priest appreciate the gentleman. Father Jules have already found the son of Amelia. He realized that he has powers not common to mortals like us. But Father Jules say that he must stay undercover. He must keep his identity secret while he is on a mission. At the Alejandro's residence, Laura Alejandro (Zsa Zsa Padilla) talked to her son, Mikael Reyes (Aaron Villaflor) about his love towards Rosario Galang (Erich Gonzales). Laura told Mikael that the other vampires would surely be disappointed if they would know about Mikael's love towards a human. "When will Kael finally release your power!" After their regular mission to kill vampires, Juan returned to Rosario's flower shop only to find out that she was about to leave for a date with Kael. And the story gives more thrills to the audience as long as the tv viewers outside the Philippines.

The ratings were the ABS CBN's Juan Dela Cruz has a huge 36.5 percent viewers TV rating nationwide while GMA's Indio's has only 16.5 percent viewers. Before Juan De La Cruz hasn't started, Indio is usually getting 18-21% ratings nationwide on the average.

For you to know, Juan De La Cruz is the national personification of our country Philippines which that name represents the "Filipino everyman". Meanwhile on this TV primetime definition and description of Juan De La Cruz 2013 is that Juan dela Cruz, starred a half-tagapagbantay and half-aswang who falls in love with Rosario (Erich Gonzales) an aswang-hunter. The series will be aired on ABS-CBN and worldwide on TFC on February 4, 2013 replacing Princess and I. This is according to wikipedia, and that's true. The story is one of a kind. Watch this, and will get some thrills and excitment while your favorite actor Coco Martin is on the run for this Juan De La Cruz Movie prime time only on ABS CBN.

You can watch the video replay in this everyday update so that you can follow Juan De La Cruz in anytime share by some free video replay website sources.

Watch the Juan De La Cruz video replay for May 6, 2013 after the real time episode which will be posted here. Please visit for the everyday video replay updates and ratings of Juan De La Cruz starred by Coco Martin and Erich Gonzales. Please leave us some comments and suggestions inorder to improve this post about Juan De La Cruz.

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