Amonsot vs Tebebu, Colomban vs Tukes Fight Results, Video Replay

The main event of this fight is the Czar Amonsot vs. Addisu Tebebu live streaming TV, fight results, and video replay. We have also Colomban vs Tukes fight confirmation today. Also, the boxing legend Katsidis will be in action against Weng Haya - the Michael Katsidis vs. Weng Haya fight is on the table. Samuel Colomban vs. Fred Tukes live streaming results video replay. Two Filipino boxing prospects from our  will going to battle tonight. They were Czar Amonsot and Weng Haya who will battle agaist the Australian (Ausie) boxers namely Addisu Tebebu and Micheal Katsidis, repectively. This event will be held at the Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia this February 21, 2013. Czar Amonsot vs. Addisu Tebebu battles for the Australian light welterweight title. This is a very exciting fight as two fighters are exciting fighters able to display their boxing skills international. This will be updated from time to time where Amonsot vs Tebebu and Katsidis versus Haya live streaming, fight results, and full video replay here will be available according to the free availability of boxing updates.

  • Czar Amonsot defeated Addisu Tebebu via RTD round 6
  • Samuel Colomban defeated Fred Tukes via SD round 10
  • Michael Katsidis vs. Weng Haya (bout cancelled)
  • Jake Carr defeated Jeremy Allan via UD round 6
  • Qamil Balla defeated Nuengsiam Kiatsongsang round 6

The Monsot-Tebebu and Katsidis-Haya Fight

Please don’t miss this clash between the Filipino Amonsot and Australian Tebebu for the vacant Australian welterweight championship and other great match ups on this main event which will be held at the Melbourne Pavillion on Feb 21st 2013 will be featuring Australian legend Michael "The Great" Katsidis versus the Filipino big punching Weng Haya. Also we will see in action will be for Australian Lightwelterweight Title - Czar Amonsot vs. Addisu Tebebu and also for the Vacant Australian Welterweight Title- Samuel Colomban vs. Fred Tukes. Let see what it takes this evening of the this great boxing event. This will gonna be the most anticipated fight for this year that will only happens in Austrial's hometown. Watch this Katsidis vs.Haya and Amonsot vs Tebebu fight!

The list of boxers who going to battle tonight are as follows;
  • Czar Amonsot vs. Addisu Tebebu
  • Samuel Colomban vs. Fred Tukes
  • Michael Katsidis vs. Weng Haya
  • Jake Carr vs. TBA
  • Qamil Balla vs. Nuengsiam Kiatsongsang

What: Addisu Tebebu vs Czar Amonsot Live
Where:Australia BOXING 2013
When: Theday , February 21 -Time:14:00 GMT


Michael Katsidis is out of boxing indefinitely and can't box out this night due to doctor's advice for medical reason. Here's the interview for the great Katsidis "I have a story to tell and I will be telling it, but right now I need to talk with my family, management as well as medical staff" as what Katsidis was force to withdraw from the main bout. Katsidis added "People recognize me for my toughness in the ring, but it’s been just as tough outside the ring the last couple of days."

From this on, Michael Katsidis is still expected to announce a retirement, and released a brief statement about the situation today. So, the bout between Katsidis and Haya is now cancelled and seems no direct replacement available.

Here's the full video replay of the fight:

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