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Mang Kanor is referred to one of the few persons living in our country Philippines until 2013. "Mang" means an old reference call to a person with a respect regarding of an older age. "Kanor" is not always meant for "American" name calling but also for the real name behind "Nicanor". In general term, Mang Kanor is the old man named "Nicanor". If somebody try to depicts the real, abstract, visionary image, photograph, or one true picture of Mang Kanor, this old man will look like this way in the illustration and also link to Jill Rose Mendoza Story.

MAng kanor lifeand real name

If you try looking it very closely, Mang Kanor is one of the old living legend in the island of country where great Filipinos live. Just recently, Mang Kanor is the nationwide and worldwide trending needed to be searched in search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and internet surfers key-wording their searches such as "Mang Kanor Scandal", "Mang Kanor part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and infinite" counting what they wants. Also, some internet savvy is searching for the key like "Mang Kanor Story", "Mang Kanor real life", "Mang Kanor and Jill Rose Mendoza Scandal", "Mang Kanor and Sister of Jill Rose Six Scandal", "s*x scandal video by Mang kanor" and so on and so forth for Mang Kanor. But honestly there's no Mang Kanor and Jill Rose Mendoza six video scandal in here. This is just an information about who is Mang Kanor. They also used the "Mang Kanor wiki or Mang Kanor wikipedia," "Mang Kanor facebook," or "Mang Kanor blog."

Do you really want to know more about Mang Kanor? Actually, Mang Kanor as the say, is the retired police officer who support the student girl of a very pretty face named Jill Rose Mendoza especially in her school expenses but guaranteed for a higher prize, and that's why their six video scandal leaks and uploaded in the internet. Also according to them, Jill Rose's younger sister was also involve of the bad acts and wrong doings by Mang Kanor.

So, from now on, Mang Kanor is just like one of the celebrity in the Philippines but the truth is - Mang Kanor is just a trash name in the internet industry. He's merciless and whenever or whereever you meet him, you can hit him like hitting a big rock into his big head. No more for Mang Kanor these days. If you have something to add, you can comment below.

Mang Kanor's name is now one of the shadow of darkness that reveals in every part of daily internet life. You should be watched out for him. Beware of this old man Mang Kanor especially to those who are student so that you can't be one of his flesh victims. Throw Mang kanor in the air. Mang Kanor name is just like a useless words in the web that you are going to find. Not really, you can watch the video everywhere in some garbage video about Mang Kanor. Nothing more to prove who is Mang Kanor because it is already written for who he is and who truly the character and life of Mang Kanor.

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