Williams vs Botha Fight Results & Video Replay

Sonny Bill Williams vs. Frans Botha winner fight results and Wiliams vs Botha full video replay will be made available in the next few hours or days source by free video sharing websites. Who win or won the Willian vs Botha fight held in Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall, Queensland, Australia this friday January 8, 2012. I hope there will be a full video replay of his entertaining fight results.

Fight Update: Sonny Bill Williams defeated the veteran Francois Botha via 10th round unanimous decision. 

It was such an exciting fight between this two young and veteran guys. The fight results of Botha vs Williams had entertained fans especially in Queensland, Australia just after few hours this night. The video replay of Williams vs Botha will made available in the following days to cope up with how the fight was as entertaining as many other fights.

Also an impressive wins by Cooper in a 1st round knockout in the undercard of Williams vs Botha. Cooper bounced back magnificently to fell Dunnett with a stunning combination, ensuring the fight was all over within three minutes.

Here's the update in the round 10 of Williams vs Botha: ROUND 10: Can Williams make it? Ref calling it the last round but it's a 12 round fight. Williams fighting back and Botha hits hi harder. It is the final round! Botha needs a knock out. SBW needs to hold on. SBW into a huge right hand... he's gone. His legs are gone. How's he standing? Botha is an aggressor of this round and needs an instant knock-out over his opponent Williams. Botha is keeping the face forward and head hunting. Williams out... hang on Sonny hang on. But Williams is hanging on until the final bell of the round. Victorious for Williams but Botha have the chance to knock William's out if only the fight is until round 12. Congratulations to Sonny Bill Williams for still being the undefeated and a rising star boxer but Frans Botha has a huge chance be the winner of this fight by knock out.

Here's the regarded as the most controversial full video replay of Williams vs Botha where the fight is cut to 10th rounds instead of 12th rounds:
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