Bradley vs Provodnikov (Fight and Video Replay Highlights)

Updated a must watch Bradley vs Provodnikov fight as Timothy Bradley will be defending his WBO Welterweight title won from Manny Pacquiao in their last fight. Timothy Bradley vs Ruslan Provodnikov unexpectedly many live streaming available online to be watch on computer and on HBO TV. This fight will start at exactly 10:15 pm at Carson, California, USA and be made available on live to watch on TV via these following channels (HBO / Sport 1 / TV 3 Sport 2 / Viasat Sport / TV 10 / Azteca) this March 16, 2013. The complete fight results of Timothy Bradley vs Ruslan Provodnikov will be updated in here featuring the full video replay highlights results on the line. The Bradley vs Provodnikov will be on live coverage and round by round updates in this PinoyThinking Blog. This is the latest fight updates of Bradley vs Provodnikov round by round cover updates. Will Timothy Bradley will able to defend his WBO title crown and show his redemption? or the untested Ruslan Provodnikov will able to put the upset this 2013 by defeating heavy favorite Timothy Bradley? What do you think will deserve to win this fight?

FIGHT UPDATE: Timothy Bradley defeated Ruslan Provodnikov via Unanimous Decision (114-113, 114-113, 115-112) and successfully defended his WBO welterweight belt!

Timothy Bradley vs Ruslan Provodnikov!

Bradley vs Provodnikov Fight results and video replay

Timothy Bradley is fighting his redemption against Ruslan Provodnikov for his defense WBO Welterweight Championship Belt. Timothy Bradley with a record of 29 wins and no losses and still undefeated after beating Pacquiao returns to defend his WBO welterweight title against Ruslan Provodnikov who has 22 wins and only 1 loss in his entire professional boxing career. This is such a very interesting and exciting but defensively limited junior welterweight fight. The fight will be held at Home Depot Center, Carson, California, USA. The defending Champ Bradley is the heavy favorite for his fight and is expected to win this fight against Provodnikov who is just an up starter but if this young fighter happens to win in this fight, this means that the young fighter would jump up to more higher and bigger fights on his career.

Also we can see an action in the co-main bout between undefeated Jessie Vargas who has the record of 21 wins against Wale Omotoso who is also undefeated with a record of 23 wins in a battle of welter weight boxers which is scheduled to round 10 only. The Big Boss Arum said in the interview, "We talked to HBO and we thought this was the most fan-friendly fight we could make for Bradley," He added "Provodnikov is a guy who will press Bradley and a guy Bradley hasn't fought before."

This is the main event f the fight, We all know that American Timonthy Bradley is the heavy favorite of the fight but we can't take it for granted when will see the Russian rising star Ruslan Provodnikov who will be fighting for one of the biggest fight in his career. It happens to be the America vs Russia in the world of boxing.

Here's the complete fight results of Bradley vs Provodnikov Fight:
  • Timothy Bradley defeated Ruslan Provodnikov via UD
  • Jessie Vargas defeated Wale Omotoso via UD
  • Andy Ruiz Jr defeated Matthew Greer via KO in 1st rnd
  • Jesse Magdaleno defeated Carlos Fulgencio via KO in 3rd rnd
  • Oscar Valdez defeated Carlos Gonzalez via TKO 4th round
  • Gabino Saenz defeated Cesar Valenzuela via KO 2nd round
  • Victor Sanchez defeated Ramon Valadez KO 1st round

Here's the Fight Schedule of Bradley vs Provodnikov Fight:
Date: March 16, 2013
Time: 10:15 pm ET
Place: Home Depot Center, Carson, California, USA
Contest: WBO Welterweight Championship Title
Live/Repeat: Live

Bradley vs Provodnikov Live
The fight will be broadcasted live on this following channel TV HBO / Sport 1 / TV 3 Sport 2 / Viasat Sport / TV 10 / Azteca in Carson, California, USA.

Bradley vs Provodnikov Fight Results
The fight results and round by round coverage will be covered in here as the fight in progressed and until the fight will end for who will be the winner of the fight will also updated in here.

Bradley vs Provodnikov Video Replay and Highlights
The Bradley vs Provodnikov full video replay and Highlights will also covered in here where there's already available from the video sharing site.

Timothy Bradley vs. Ruslan Provodnikov Rounds Video Replay Highlights (please check back for more video updates):
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Bradley VS Provodnikov Fight Video Replay Highlights part 2
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