Alaska Aces vs Ginebra Kings Game 3 Winner Results | Video Replay Highlights!

After Game 3, Barangay Ginebra suffers 3 defeats in the Commissioner Cup Finals in the hands of  Alaska Aces. The final score is 104 - 80 and Alaska Aces becomes the eventual Champion in a Do or Die match.

Some basketball fans may ask, Will Barangay Ginebra wins in game 3? But the result is just the same from game 1 and game 2, history repeats itself. Alaska Aces managed to sweep the match not allowing Baragay Ginebra some chances to win in their final match-up. Congratulations to Alaska Aces for winning this year's Commissioner Cup Finals and become the Champion for this year!

From 1st quarter, the Ginebra Kings was leading against the Alaska Aces and their biggest lead is 7 points then closing the 3rd quarter with a 1 point lead by the Ginebra Kings. In the 4th quarter, the Alaska Aces charging so strong that could even made a 12-3 run until the time is coming near by 3:00 minutes left in the clock with a 16 points lead by the Alaska Aces. Realizing that Ginebra and the team cannot pull the deficit score and cannot even those scores considering 2 minutes more to go before the 4th quarter ends, Ginebra played a desperate 3 pointer shoot which none of those opens the basket and these made a huge lead to Alaska Aces as they continue to score even shoot perfectly with some fouls commited by Ginebra players.

This was one of the greatest moments for Alaska Aces and the greatest realization for Ginebra Kings that they must have learn from their losses from Alaska Aces in the Finals. This is the Alaska vs Ginebra game results, winner, and the championship went to Alaska Aces! Full video replay and highlights of Alaska Aces vs Ginebra Kings Game 3 will be updated right through here if there's available.

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