Be Careful With My Heart - May 20, 2013 | Maya and Sir Chief Already in Relationship Official Status

Be Careful With My Heart May 20 2013 Review, Replay, and Highlights. Sir Chief now is having on the moves of surprises while Maya is having her flight. The sweetest and a very romantic seen ever you can watch in the history of drama series here in the Philippines. Sir Chief and Maya got to hold on each others' commitment. This is the most awaited moment Sir Chief surprise Maya in other way around. They talk to each other about how Maya is nervous when it comes to Sir Chief that sometimes she can't find a way how to do it. Then, Sir Chief, why? She responds, now that I could only feel the love. Wow!

Scene 1: (papuntang airport- Fly High F.A Maya Dela Rosa)
Aling teresita: lahat ba talaga kayo sasama kayo?
Lahat: Oo

Scene 2: (Sa Eroplano sinurpresa ni Ser chief si Maya- The moves ni Ser Chief)
Maya: welcome to time airways..
Two stewardess: Hi sir good morning.
Ser Chief: Ssshhhhhhss

Scene 3:( Maya may kausap na matanda na pasahero habang si Ser Chief ngtakip ng damit para hindi makita ni Maya- First Flight Blues)
Matandang Lalake: Lahat ng mga mahal mo sa buhay tuwang-tuwa para sayo
Maya: Maliban nga lang po sa isa.

Scene 4: (Nag-aabang ang lahat pagdating ni Maya- The most awaited moment)
Lahat: yeheyyyy…
Maya: Na touch naman ako may pa tarpulen pa kayo.., thank you..

Scene 5: ( Maya with Kute ng lalakad)
Maya: Saan ba talaga tayo pupunta?
Kute: Syempre ano ehhh..
Maya: ahh anong meron?

Scene 6:(Dumating si Ser Chief/ seryosong nag-uusap)
Maya: gusto ko sabihin mo sa akin kung anong sinasabi mo sa akin sa tuwing nenerbyos ako.
Sir Chief: Bakit ka nenenerbyos?
Maya: Ngayon lang ako nag mahal eh!
Sir Chief: So, tayo na?

Watch the preview, video trailer and highlights of May 20, 2013 on Be Careful With My Heart.

This Monday of Be of Careful With My Heart on 5/20/2013 starred by Jodi Sta Maria as Maya, Richard Yap as Sir Chief, Aiza Seguerra, Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Mutya Orquia, Marlo Mortel, Claire Ruiz and Tom Rodriguez. Scheduled daily only on Abs-CBN kapamilya network starts every morning at 11:45 AM, and on Saturdays at 10:30 AM for the replay of the episode.

I hope you enjoy the preview for this May 20 episode. This is a very short clip episode for 5.20.2013 with preview article of Be Careful With My Hear morning TV series. Please don't miss for tomorrow's May 20 2013 episode for Sir Chief and Maya's Be Careful With My Heart.

Be Careful With My Heart 5/20/2013 05.20.2013 May 20, 2013. Be Careful With My Heart Episode 2013 Sir Chief and Maya saying I Love You and you must watch the video replay of BCWMH 05202013 Full Video Replay and Highlights.

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