Be Careful With My Heart - May 22, 2013 | The Kissing Scene?

Will the Be Careful With My Heart May 22 2013 episode is the kissing scene of Sir Chief and Maya? What do you think guys? It seem that the BCWMH is about to end the next few weeks but the "kilig" moments are still there everyday that the BCWMH episode shares with the viewers on how really cute they were. They are the perfect official more than friends. Sir Chief and Maya still rule the morning TV show of ABS-CBN Kapamilya network across the country and abroad!

Please be Careful With My Heart 05222013
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Scene 1: ( Sa loob ng eroplano)
Maya: Sir coffee,tea or juice?
Ser Chief: coffee nalang pero gusto ko yung timpla mo?
Maya: Ser Chief talaga

Scene 2: ( Sa loob ng kotse nag-uusap)
Ser Chief: We are now in relationship, I just want you to addressed in me independent
Maya: Hali kana Babe?
Ser Chief: (shocked)
Maya: Babe unang araw palang natin LQ n agad tayo
Ser Chief: LQ?
Maya: Lovers Quarrel

Scene 3:
Maya: ngingiti na yan!

Watch the preview, video trailer and highlights of May 22, 2013 on Be Careful With My Heart.

This Wednesday of Be of Careful With My Heart on 5/22/2013 starred by Jodi Sta Maria as Maya, Richard Yap as Sir Chief, Aiza Seguerra, Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Mutya Orquia, Marlo Mortel, Claire Ruiz and Tom Rodriguez. Scheduled daily only on Abs-CBN kapamilya network starts every morning at 11:45 AM, and on Saturdays at 10:30 AM for the replay of the episode.

I hope you enjoy the preview for this May 22 episode. This is a very short clip episode for 5.22.2013 with preview article of Be Careful With My Hear morning TV series. Please don't miss for tomorrow's May 22 2013 episode for Sir Chief and Maya's Be Careful With My Heart.

This is the everyday update of Be Careful With My Heart.

Here's the summary of the Be Careful With my Heart from where it started and until now:

The episode of the story is about a girl from her province who happens to continue here journey even in difficult times. Her named is Maya Dela Rosa ( characterized by one of the best actress of ABS-CBN Jodi Sta. Maria) who has the courage to find journey and at the same time a decent job for her family to the big city. It was also her dream to become a flight attendant someday and somehow.

Comming to Sir Chief's home (characterized by Richard Yap) as "yaya" for his daughter Abby which Maya did not expect that this is her last hope for her goal to become a flight attendant (stewardess). This is also because Sir Chief has the influence in the Airline Industry that's why he can help Maya to achieve her dream to become one of the stewardess but the condition and the agreement is Maya will be the temporary nanny of Sir Chief's children especially for his youngest daughter named Abby(characterized by actress Mutya Orquia).

Meanwhile, Maya grabbed that opportunity as she accepts to that condition and has have the agreement to Sir Chief. In their home, she slowly understand on how was the private lives of Sir Chief and why Sir Chief's son named Luke (characterized by Jerome Ponce) and his two daughters named Nikki (characterized by Janella Salvador) and Abigail (characterized by Mutya Orquia) behaving in that way where there's no happiness in the family, where there's no such thing as life, where there's no better enjoyment for the family after their Mom died.

Maya finds that problem in a nice way that she will be able to make the whole family be with her sometimes since Sir Chief’s wife died everything were not the same and everything was change where the family’s happiness or the essence of the family has temporarily gone. So Maya, psychologically understand about it, where she able to slowly revive the essence of Sir Chiefe as a father to his children and as children does to their dad. Maya able to connect the bridge back the relationship with the family in no ordinary way and in no overnight success as she naively made that through in due times. Later on, Maya eventually, rebuilding and reshaping the family unexpectedly that there's absolute life in the Lim family.

Until now, the story continues with such those kilig moments, where Maya admit she got a crushed from Sir Chief, where Luke got smiled and his dad let him date with her soon to be girlfriend same with his younger sister Nikki. Maya and Sir Chief have a secret feeling to each other that needs to be revealed in right time and a right place but until now, they gotta hold on to each other.

Be Careful With My Heart 5/22/2013 05.22.2013 May 22, 2013. Be Careful With My Heart Episode 2013 Sir Chief and Maya saying I Love You and you must watch the video replay of BCWMH 05222013 Full Video Replay and Highlights. Please watch tomorrow's episode of Be Careful With My Heart.

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