Be Careful With My Heart - May 30, 2013 | Introducing Maya as his girlfriend

Be Careful With My Heart May 30, 2013 Episode is becoming more intrigue while Sir Chief is on his way to introduce Maya as her Girlfriend now in front of his Son Luke and Daughters Nikki and Abby. Also, Sir Chief apologize Maya about what had happened that he forgot their weeksary. This is the May 30 2013 episode to watch BCWMH series, this might be the official revelation with no more secret relationship between Sir Chief and Maya. So, keep on watching Be Careful With My Heart May 30, 2013 episode.

Scene 1: (Ser Chief at Maya nag-uusap)
Ser Chief: Just tell me your mad kasi nakalimutan ko yung first week.
Maya: Ser Chief diba..,,
Ser Chief: See?
Maya: huh??
Ser Chief: iba na yung tawag mo sa akin?
Maya: eh diba ayaw mo naman yung tawag ko sayo?
Ser Chief: no!
Maya: Anong no? ganito ka ohh Maya? (sabay simangot)

Scene 2: (kumain silang dalawa habang may nagtatanong)
Tao: Chief bakit kaba nandito?
Ser Chief: I with my girlfriend.
Maya: (ngumiti)

Scene 3: (NAgkwentuhan)
Maya: Ngayon mo lang ako pinakilala nga girlfriend mo!
Ser Chief: Kinikilig kappa rin?
Maya: (ngumiti)..Oo

Scene 4: (pamilya Lim kumakain)
Ser Chief: Do you I’m dating right?
Luke: yes dad!
Nikki: who he she?

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Watch the preview, video trailer and highlights of May 30, 2013 on Be Careful With My Heart.
This Wednesday of Be of Careful With My Heart on 5/30/2013 starred by Jodi Sta Maria as Maya, Richard Yap as Sir Chief, Aiza Seguerra, Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Mutya Orquia, Marlo Mortel, Claire Ruiz and Tom Rodriguez. Scheduled daily only on Abs-CBN kapamilya network starts every morning at 11:45 AM, and on Saturdays at 10:30 AM for the replay of the episode.
I hope you enjoy the preview for this May 30 episode. This is a very short clip episode for 5.30.2013 with preview article of Be Careful With My Hear morning TV series. Please don't miss for tomorrow's May 30 2013 episode for Sir Chief and Maya's Be Careful With My Heart.

Be Careful With My Heart 5/30/2013 05.30.2013 May 30, 2013. Be Careful With My Heart Episode 2013 Sir Chief and Maya saying I Love You and you must watch the video replay of BCWMH 05302013 Full Video Replay and Highlights.

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