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Watch out for the Be Careful With My Heart Episode for May 6 2013, Monday. It is nice to know the gentle move of Sir Chief on how treats the family of Maya. This man respects Maya and her family a lot without any circumstances. He also really deserves back the respect he has based upon what he's having with Maya's family especially to her Mom (mother of Maya).

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It all comes respect and honor to what Sir Chief does to everyone he encounters with. Nanay Teresita is no doubt and know that Sir Chief and her daughter Maya have something special in treating each other but she had to confirm that in the future. There's a different way of treating Sir Chief to Maya and so Maya does. Nanay Teresita maybe wondering why the two are comfortable on each other as they are very close like nothing to worry about but still the respect of Sir Chief to Maya still remains dominant in every way sir Chief treating Maya and it's kinda an awe feeling that Nanay Teresita being curious about. The way they look each other, the way they smile, and the way Sir Chief is holding a hand with Maya as she personally see in this May 6 episode.

To vanished Nanay Teresita's curiosity, Sir Chief proves that he had something to say to Nanay Teresita about what he feels to Maya in a gentle way. Sir Chief is a kind of man that do things in the right track. He doesn't bother to wait for the right time and he is comfortable enough about waiting. How does his patience comes from? It comes from the bottom of his heart. When you love someone, you really need to wait for the right strike of that love. No rash moments as of this time for Sir Chief and he really deserves the amount of gentleness within him. That's why he tells this so to Nanay Teresita based on what Nanay Teresita see it between them (referring to Sir Chief and Maya's closeness).

While he is talking to Nanay Teresita, in this way, telling her (Nanay Teresita) about his pure intentions to her daughter Maya before advancing to another high level of closeness like courting or relationship is the greatest respect that a man can give to the mother of the lady. And that's what we should learn from Sir Chief, this is the Pinoy way of courting a girl and indeed a Filipino traditional way is to tell the parents and ask permission from them and that's what Sir Chief does in thisMay 6 episode of Be Careful With My Heart. You know what, sir Chief does this without Maya's knowledge. Superb one!

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