Charice Pempengco is now Lesbian in 2013?

Fans doubt about Charice Pempengco becoming lesbian within controversies. Charice Pempengco is now revealing her strange photos who happens to be like a guy. Is she becoming he? Is the international singing sensation would finally confirm her real identity? She is now coming out with a new look and her new hairstyle this 2013.

Charice Pempengco tomboy or lesbian or a boy

In her exclusive photos as shown above is somewhat like a boy. Many believe and fans do agree that she is changing herself in a way she slow does it to evolve her true identity. As you have seen in the picture, one can said, she is really a lesbian now because of her hair, the way she dress, and the way she posed herself in her photographs and images.

Her mother Raquel Pempengco was recently interviewed on the ABS CBN website where she had addressed a reported planned announcement of her daughter Charice on her sexual preference the way she is. Her mother did not bother her daughter and she mentioned that whatever she had said to my mind and in my heart as a mother letting her being free to reveal her true self. What she wants, she is happy about that. She added that in any ways, she will support her daughter's outlook in life.

This means that, whatever Charice' decision, either she will become lesbian in the future or be still a lady but she will be still respected and that's the best part of life - the acceptance for who you are that someone is confident enough to reveal one's true self without a doubt.

Even Charice now is become a subject of soon to be a lesbian rumors but we still need to wait her final decision. Wether we like it or not, Charice still be Charice. She can still sing a beautiful song that only a lady can do the best tone and that she is. She will not be singing a boy song as we think, no change of her talent and being a sensational artist, but only her new look and the way Charice would look at life in general.

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