Cheesiest pick up lines tagalog for you

Are you having the feelings of being a cheesy one? Or what is the cheesiest part of you life? In the other side of pick up lines that do tagalog language particularly the cheesing part, everything is gonna be great. Where you have to pick up some of the best pick up lines in looking which lines are having the cheesiest meaning in all the pick up lines available there. You may be searching which pick up lines that are great and effective enough for the person that you are going to be with, that would strike in their hearts most.

That's why this article, we will give you the best of the cheesiest pick up lines ever in this year of 2013 for your future love ones, for your friends, for your incoming classmates this coming June, and for everyone that are inclined to picky pick up lines made in tagalog brand.

For now, just read some of the cheesiest pick up lines that we will be giving you and if ever you have one of those pick up lines that are so chessy enough that you want to share to the people who are just starting to search the cheesiness of pick up lines. Then you can forcefully publish your pick up lines in here through the facebook comment section below. Sharing is the act of giving and its better to give than to receive. The theory was already experimented and was proven through. So, share your pick up lines with you.

sana papa at mama nalng kita...
ang PAPAkasalan ko at MAMAhalin ko hbng buhay.

buwan kaBA???
bKA pag dAtIng nG aRaW…!!!
Iiwan mO rIn aKO…!!!!

hindi importante skin
ang frontview mo
ang sideview mo
or ang backview mo
- kc ang importante,, I LOVE VIEW!

papel kaBA ???
gus2 na kC ktaNg pangalAnaN..
pRA hnd KA na Mahingi nG iBA…

Sana BIRTHDAY CANDLE ka na lanq..
kasi, para habang pinapatay kita pumapalakpak sila

shift KABA !!!!

sana holdaper ka nalang..
kya ko kc ibgay ang lahat2x wag mlng akong SASAKTAN!!!

Exam ka ba?
Kasi, you fill in the blanks to my heart.. :)

Cactus kba?
Handa aq msaktan mayakap ka lang..

Sana ulan na lng ako...
Maiiwasan mo nga pero d mo ako mapipigilan..

Sabi ng iba love your enemies eh kung awayin kaya kita
para mahalin mo ako BOOM!!!

Alam mo ang puso ko ay parang salamin...
kahit ilang beses mo eto basag basagin ang nakikita ikaw parin

These are some of the cheesiest pick up lines that you can have. You can share all of those to your friends via facebook button share or linking to that page or any other form of sharing like copying and pasting to your facebook wall, or share it in a comfortable way of your own. Until the next installment of tagalog pick up lines that are cheesy enough.

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